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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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Examines prospects for Vitamin A distribution programs in Guatemala and Ghana necessary for children's health.

Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Abandoned (Short Version)
Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Aboriginal Architecture
New structures in seven North American Native communities that reinterpret traditional forms for contemporary purposes.

An Act of Faith
A group of health professionals tours the most deprived regions of South Africa providing care.

Addicted to Plastic
Reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions.

Addiction Incorporated
The true story of the tobacco companies' commitment to addicting the human brain and how the world came to know about it.

Diagnoses the "disease" of materialism and prescribes its antidote, simple living.

After Silence
Examines the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WW II, and its relevance to post 9/11 America.

After Tiller
Sheds a humanistic light on the heated abortion debate by going inside the lives of the last four doctors in America who openly provide third-trimester abortions and the reasons their patients seek them.

The Age of Risk
The second film in the BBC series, THE LOVE OF MONEY, examines the boom years before the global financial crash of 2008.

The Age of Stupid
An old man (Pete Postlethwaite) living in a devastated world, watches 'archive' footage from today and asks: Why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?

Ageing with Community
The search for community and independence as we grow old.

Aiming High
Focuses on Uganda's successful economic recovery in the wake of Idi Amin's regime.

The Air We Breathe
Connects asthma and other respiratory diseases with air pollution and suburban sprawl.

The Alarm Rings Softly
Caribbean women use drama and reggae to fight domestic violence.

All Different, All Equal
Examines progress in women's rights globally.

All In This Tea
Crusading American tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, supports China's endangered organic farmers by searching out fine, chemical-free teas.

All the Right Stuff
Teaches teenagers about media, malls, money, and consumerism.

The Allergy Fix
Scientists are attacking food allergies in new and inventive ways, driven by the alarming increase in the number of people, particularly children, who suffer, and can die, from them.

Along the African Rift
Examines the East African Rift, Ethiopia's Afar Triangle, the Nile Valley and the Dead Sea Rift, places where the Earth's crust is ripping apart as molten rock pushes upwards.

The Amahs of Hong Kong
Filipino women exploited as maids in Hong Kong.

America's Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie
Tells the story of one of the most astonishing alterations of nature, the North American tallgrass prairie.

American Outrage
Two elderly Western Shoshone sisters, the Danns, put up a heroic fight for their land rights and human rights.

The American Ruling Class
A dramatic, musical, documentary satire on class in America that attempts to answer the question 'Who rules America?'

Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World
The use of TEDs in shrimpers' nets would allow sea turtles to escape.

...and nothing but the truth
Looks at the failure of the mainstream media to ask important questions and cover opposing points of view.

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
Television in the Caribbean dominated by US and French programs.

...and the pursuit of happiness
The aftermath of 9/11: the war on terror, the Patriot Act, the looming Iraq war and massive peace demonstrations.

Andrea Bocelli
Great Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sings against the backdrop of his beloved Tuscany.

Another World is Possible
A rousing account of the 2002 World Social Forum that will inspire activists everywhere.

The amazing array of life an apple tree can lure into a garden.

Argentina: Hope in Hard Times
The Argentine people, in the face of economic collapse, provide a hopeful example for the rest of us.

Argentina: Turning Around
An intimate view of new models of work, politics and community development in Argentina.

Arid Lands
A moving and complex essay on a unique landscape of the American West, the area around the Hanford Site in Washington State.

Arrows Against the Wind
The Dani and the Asmat come face to face with the modern world in Irian Jaya.

The Art of Being Human
A remarkable artist who helps us see the humanity in others.

At the End of a Gun
The devastating effect that the civil war in Sri Lanka is having on women.

Baboon Tales
Dr. Shirley Strum's new interpretation of baboon society.

Teaching infants to swim.

Back from the Brink
The third film in the BBC series, THE LOVE OF MONEY, examines the background to the decision to bail out the banks in 2008.

Back In Business?
After 11 years of civil war, can Sierra Leone expect tourism to improve the economy?

Baked Alaska
Looks at the battle over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in the context of Alaska's accelerated warming.

Banjo Frogs
An adolescent frog learns to fit in with new neighbors.

The Bank that Bust the World
The first film in the BBC series, THE LOVE OF MONEY, examines what happened in September 2008 when the collapse of Lehman Brothers plunged the world into financial crisis.

Banking on Disaster
The grave consequences of building a road through the heart of Amazonia.

Barbershop Punk
A David & Goliath tale of one man's fight against restrictions by Internet service providers and governments on consumers' access to the internet.

The Barcelona Blueprint
Barcelona today is a model of urban planning that may prove sustainable.

Because They're Worth It
Micro-credit, education, health information, and hope provided to impoverished Chinese.

Beethoven's Hair
Traces the journey of a lock of Beethoven's hair, culminating in the scientific analysis that reveals Beethoven's medical secret.

Beethoven's Hair (Short Version)
Traces the journey of a lock of Beethoven's hair, and reveals Beethoven's medical secret.

Being Caribou
A filmmaker and biologist follow the Porcupine Caribou Herd from central Yukon to the herd's calving grounds in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Better This World
The story of two young Texans accused of intending to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention reveals the workings of the post 9/11 security state.

Between Joyce and Remembrance
A hard-hitting look at one of the many heinous crimes that came before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Between Two Worlds
A personal essay revealing the passionate debates over identity and generational change inside today's American Jewish community.

Between War and Peace
The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia encourages combatants to turn in their weapons and wage peace.

Beyond Organic
A model of community supported agriculture in the midst of suburban sprawl.

Bidder 70
Tells the story of Tim DeChristopher's extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience drawing attention to the need for action on climate change.

Big or Small?
What's the best method of growing food for a hungry population of 9.5 billion people: Big, or small?

Big River
Companion film to KING CORN about the ecological consequences of industrial agriculture. DVD contains new classroom version of KING CORN.

Big Spuds, Little Spuds
The impact of climate change and monoculture on one of the world's staple food crops.

Biker Boys of the Dirt Island
In Nairobi's Korogocho slum, a group of former thieves trying to go straight now provide an informal motorcycle taxi service.

Billion Dollar Crop
The history and advantages of hemp as an industrial fiber.

Preserving the balance of dynamic ecosystems.

Biodiversity vs. Extinction
Mass extinction of species can be stopped if we understand the importance of biodiversity.

2-part series based on the book Biomimicry - a new science that studies nature 's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.

Biomimicry: Learning from Nature - Part 1
Using natural processes as the model for agriculture and business.

Biomimicry: Learning from Nature - Part 2
Advances in materials and medicine based on research into natural processes.

Biophilic Design
A design revolution that connects buildings to the natural world, buildings where people feel and perform better.

Birth of an Ocean
The story of the ocean's turbulent beginnings and its successive incarnations.

Bitter Seeds
The final film in Micha X. Peled's Globalization Trilogy examines the epidemic of suicides amongst India's cotton farmers, deeply in debt after switching to genetically modified seeds.

Black Diamonds
Examines the escalating drama in Appalachia over mountaintop removal mining.

Black Sea
Scientists and religious leaders meet to find the solution to the Black Sea in crisis.

Black Wave
The story of the Exxon Valdez and the 20-year legal battle to get restitution from ExxonMobil.

blood and oil
The stated reasons, and the real reasons, for the Iraq war.

Blowpipes and Bulldozers
The story of the Penan, a tribe of rainforest nomads in Borneo, as seen by Bruno Manser.

Blue Danube?
Connecting more than 18 countries in Western Europe, the Danube River is at the heart of a dilemma over shared resources in the growing European Union.

Blue Snake
Preparation and premiere of Robert Desrosiers' futuristic ballet.

Blue Vinyl
Filmmakers Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold use humor and chutzpah in their search for the environmental truth about vinyl.

Blue Vinyl (Short Version)
Filmmakers Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold use humor and chutzpah in their search for the environmental truth about vinyl.

Bolivian Blues
Explores the success of new initiative to reduce widespread poverty.

The Bomb Under the World
What are the consequences of consumerism taking hold in developing countries like India?

The terrible aftermath of dropping cluster bombs during the secret air war in Laos and the international campaign to ban them.

Borderline Cases
The environmental impact of the 2,000 factories (maquiladoras) on the US-Mexico border.

The Boundaries of Change
Cities cope with changing demographics.

The Boxer
A young male looks to escape Mexican poverty by becoming a boxer in the United States.

The Boyhood of John Muir
The early story of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club.

Boys Will Be Men
Some answers for the hard questions about growing up male in America.

Brazil has developed generic antiretroviral drugs to care for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

Brazil's Land Revolution
In the state of Bahia, a new initiative encourages the landless to band together to buy up land -- with low-interest government loans.

Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror
John Pilger dissects the truth and lies in the 'war on terror'.

Bringing It Home
Extols the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while revealing the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. farmers.

Broken Limbs
Looks at the plight of apple growers in the age of globalization, and points the way to sustainable US agriculture.

Brother Towns / Pueblos Hermanos
An uplifting story about Jupiter, Florida's humane response to an influx of day laborers from Jacaltenango, Guatemala.

The Buffalo War
The battle over the yearly slaughter of America's last wild bison outside Yellowstone National Park.

Build Green
David Suzuki reports on a wide range of green buildings, from large community developments to mini-homes.

Building the Brookhaven House
D.O.E.'s prototype passive solar home.

Bully Dance
Delightful and provocative animated film gives insight on dealing creatively with bullies.

Bunch of Fives
Five funny animated films comment ruefully on our relationship with the natural world.

Burning in the Sun
An inspirational portrait of a young West African man who starts a business building solar panels from scratch and selling them to rural customers in Mali.

Burnt Toast
Eight comedic mini-operas, each depicting a different stage of a romantic relationship.

Busting Out
An exploration of the history and politics of breast obsession in America, and its connection with breast cancer, breastfeeding and body image.

Busto Toxico
Mediante la combinación de técnicas narrativas y documentales, Busto Tóxico plantea estas preguntas, haciendo la propuesta de que muchos de estos cánceres son prevenibles.

Butterflies & Bulldozers
The fight to save San Francisco's San Bruno Mountain speaks to the global dilemma of economic growth versus species preservation.

Buyer Be Fair
Looks at the benefits of fair trade goods and product certification for people and the environment.

The Canadian Brass
The kids of the Canadian Brass help create a unique Christmas pageant.

Carnival of Shadows
R. Murray Schafer's bizarre love story set in an old outdoor carnival.

Cash Flow Fever
One in ten people on the planet either send or receive money from abroad.

Castro Or Quit?
Two young doctors in Venezuela have to decide whether to leave the country or stay with their patients.

Caught in the Crossfire
Economic and societal pressures force women into the sex trade.

Cell Animation
You can escape in nature.

Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann
Steven Isserlis performs one of Schumann's greatest works.

Celso Magumbe in Mozambique
A deaf man fights for the rights of the hearing impaired.

The Changing Sea
Decodes the signals that the ocean is sending us. Is the ocean's chemistry being compromised by increased acidity, less oxygen and warming temperatures?

Chasing Water
Breathtaking photography tells the story of the Colorado River, which flowed to the sea for 6 million years and now dries up 90 miles short of the Sea of Cortez.

Cheat Neutral
Satirical look at the inadequacies of the concept of carbon offsetting.

Cheated of Childhood
The International Labor Organization tries to rescue and rehabilitate the street children of St. Petersburg.

China Blue
A clandestinely shot, deep-access account of how the clothes we buy are actually made.

Chávez Ravine
Don Normark's haunting photographs bring back to life a Mexican American village razed in the 1950s to build Dodger Stadium.

Circle of Plenty
John Jeavons demonstrates biointensive agriculture as a way to alleviate world hunger.

Is "sustainable cities" an oxymoron or can they be made to work?

The City Dark
The definitive story of light pollution and the disappearing stars.

City Life
22-part series examining the effect of globalization on people and cities worldwide.

City Life
Explores Sao Paolo in introduction to series examining the effects of globalization on people and cities.

Iraq's history -- from the 'cradle of civilization' to the first Gulf War and UN sanctions.

Cocaine Unwrapped
Documents the devastating effects of the war on drugs and suggests realistic alternatives.

The Coffee-Go-Round
Many coffee-producing countries like Ethiopia are facing economic disaster even as the demand for coffee increases worldwide.

Collision Course
Reviews the positive steps being taken in India and Brazil to confront the serious public health issue presented by traffic accidents.

The Collision Zone: Asia
Examines the collision zone in Asia--from Indonesia's volcanoes at one end to the Himalayas at the other--which is in the process of forming the earth's next supercontinent.

The Colonists
Colonists invading the rainforest.

Come Hell or High Water
When the graves of former slaves are bulldozed in Mississippi, a native son returns to protect the community they settled.

Coming Home
Suzuki explores biophilia -- the innate, hereditary need of human beings to affiliate with nature.

Coming to Light
An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.

Coming to Light (Short Version)
An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.

Micro-credit is transforming the lives of women in Bangladesh.

Community - Planet Neighborhood
Community regeneration, energy-efficient design, and waste water treatment.

Community Animals
Leading thinkers explore community, work, time, values, and change.

Community by Design
Good design of houses and neighborhoods builds community.

Composting without problems.

Concerto for the Earth
A wordless celebration of nature and a history of mankind's attitude towards our environment.

Concierto de Aranjuez
The story behind, and location of, Rodrigo's most famous work.

The Cost of Living
AIDS drugs unaffordable in developing countries.

Counting on Democracy
An examination of the fiasco in Florida in the context of the history of voting rights violations.

Cowboys, Indians, & Lawyers
The story of a pork-barrel project: a dam on the free-flowing Animas River in Colorado.

The Crabs, The Birds, The Bay
Migrating shorebirds feast on horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware Bay.

Looks at the failure of our current sewage disposal system and presents alternatives.

Creatures of the Sun
The ecology of the painted turtle.

Credit Where Credit is Due
Micro-credit organization in Bangladesh provides loans to village poor.

Crips and Bloods: Made in America
Chronicles the decades-long cycle of destruction and despair that defines modern gang culture in South LA.

Crisis Control
Ukraine's emerging HIV epidemic is contrasted with Africa's longstanding HIV/AIDS catastrophe.

Crossing the Stones
An intimate biography of the Norwegian founder of deep ecology.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution
Two-part series examining Cuba's enormous experiment in sustainable development in the face of an economic crisis brought on by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution - Pt. 1
Examines Cuba's response to the food crisis created by the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1989.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution - Pt. 2
In spite of the economic crisis and US embargo, the Cuban health system is an outstanding success story around the world.

Cull of the Wild
The argument for ending animal trapping for profit, recreation or wildlife management.

Cultivating Change
Garden tour that proves that growing food can be an avenue to social change.

Cultivating Opportunity
Hard-pressed farmers in the southeast US and in Mozambique find co-ops work.

The Cutting Edge
Ugandan project attempts to change attitudes about female genital mutilation.

Explores the sea change in national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the call for dam removal as awareness grows that our own future is bound to the health of our rivers.

Danger: Children at Work
Guatemalan agencies try to discourage child labor and fireworks production by poor families.

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Hungarian filmmaker Arpád Bogdan sets out to discover what's behind the new wave of anti-Roma sentiment in Hungary today.

David Brower
An interview with America's foremost environmentalist.

the dawn
A look at what really happened in the presidential elections of 2000.

Dead Mums Don't Cry
Grace Kodindo's heroic efforts in Chad to lower the rate of maternal mortality, one of the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

Deadly Mistakes?
A 2-DVD set designed to help students critically analyze some of our foreign policy interventions since World War II.

Death of a Nation
John Pilger's horrifying exposé of the West's complicity in the twenty-year genocide in East Timor.

The Debt Police
Uganda seeks external debt relief and fights internal corruption.

The Decade of Destruction (Classroom Version - On One Tape)
The story of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.

The Decade of Destruction - Classroom Version
The story of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.

The Decade of Destruction
A unique chronicle of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.

Deconstructing Supper
A leading chef investigates food safety in the age of GMOs and industrial agriculture.

Democracy à la Maude
A Canadian woman leads the fight against unjust corporate globalization, and for social justice.

Design with the Sun
Take a tour of passive solar homes and buildings.

Designing A Great Neighborhood
A model co-housing project, where future residents participate in the design of their own neighborhood.

A vivid portrait of Detroit, America's first major post-industrial city, as it struggles to deal with the consequences of a broken economic system.

Developing Stories - Series 1
The view on the environment from developing countries

Developing Stories - Series 2
The view from developing countries on population and migration.

The Development Road
A road is always the first step to rainforest destruction.

Devils Tower
The Lakota struggle to protect their sacred site from climbers and other encroachers.

The Dhamma Brothers
An overcrowded maximum-security prison is dramatically changed by the influence of an ancient meditation program.

Diamond Road
Examines every facet of the diamond trade from the prospectors to the miners, cutters, jewelers, smugglers and dealers, and advocates for fair trade.

Dido and Aeneas
The critically-acclaimed Mark Morris dance production of the baroque operatic masterwork.

Diet for a Small Planet
Frances Moore Lappé shows how to practice vegetarianism and address world hunger.

The Dilemma Of The White Ant
Dominic Ongwen is both a victim and alleged perpetrator of LRA war crimes. Should he face an international court?

Dinner for Two
A funny, animated object lesson in conflict resolution.

DIRT! The Movie
The story of Earth's most valuable and underappreciated source of fertility, from its miraculous beginning to its crippling degradation.

Dirty Business
Reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and looks at promising developments in renewable energy technology.

Discipline with Dignity
The attempt to end corporal punishment in Nepalese schools.

Do You Remember Vietnam?
Three years after the fall of Saigon, Pilger returns to Vietnam to examine the state of the country.

The Doctor's Story
The US debate over abortion has severe consequences for health care in rural Nepal.

Doing the Right Thing
Porto Alegre, Brazil has benefited from urban revitalization.

Lively cut-out animation illustrates the tensions when a newcomer enters a pre-established group.

Don Giovanni
Mozart's opera presented from the point of view of Don Giovanni's servant, Leporello.

The Donor Circus
Zambia tries to change the conditions for international aid.

Water quality for major southwest cities is threatened by mining, acid rain, urbanization.

A Dream In Hanoi (Short Version)
Two theater companies, one American, one Vietnamese, collaborate to produce A Midsummer Night's Dream in Hanoi.

A Dream In Hanoi
Two theater companies, one American, one Vietnamese, collaborate to produce A Midsummer Night's Dream in Hanoi.

Dreaming of Tibet
Looks at the lives of three Tibetan exiles, and at the recent history of their country, which forced them to flee.

Drones In My Backyard
How comfortable should Americans be with the growing use of drones by all segments of society?

Drowned Out
An Indian family chooses to stay at home and drown rather than make way for the Narmada Dam.

Drumbeat for Mother Earth
Toxic chemicals are the greatest threat to the survival of indigenous peoples.

Dry Days In Dobbagunta
Literacy program spurs anti-liquor campaign in rural India and empowers women.

Impressionistic look reveals the reality of daily life in Haiti.

E. F. Schumacher...
Summary of Schumacher's economic arguments referring to the world energy situation.

Early Life
How irrevocably are we shaped by the first few years of our lives? Early Life explores the arguments through the stories of young children and their families in four different continents.

Early Life 2
Second series of Early Life programs that follows Mayor Amilcar Huanchuari as he tours Brazil and his native Peru looking at programs promoting early childhood development.

The Ecological Footprint
Dr. Mathis Wackernagel introduces the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures human demand on the Earth.

An Ecology of Mind
A daughter's loving film portrait of one of the 20th century's most influential thinkers, Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, systems theorist and ecologist.

Economics and its relation to social change and our lifestyles.

Edens Lost and Found
4-part series that highlights models for urban transformation in the effort to make Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Seattle into sustainable cities.

Edens Lost and Found - Chicago
City Hall and grass roots groups in Chicago are working on open space, green buildings and an educated citizenry to create a sustainable city.

Edens Lost and Found - Los Angeles
Is it possible that the City of the Angels can be a model for the world of environmental rebirth?

Edens Lost and Found - Philadelphia
Faced with severe budget limitations, Philadelphia's rebirth is being brought about by a network of community-based volunteer organizations.

Edens Lost and Found - Seattle
Recognizing that the human community is growing faster than the aging infrastructure, the city of Seattle created an Office of Sustainability and Environment.

Edge Of Islam
Three Muslim students face a choice between their faith and their future.

Educating Lucia
The odds are against girls getting an education in Zimbabwe and throughout much of Africa.

Educating Yaprak
Turkey's ambitious campaign to reduce poverty includes convincing reluctant parents to send their daughters to school.

El Caballo
The history, ecology, and current plight of the wild horse in North America.

El Caballo (Short Version)
The history, ecology, and current plight of the wild horse in North America.

Elbow Room
Office workers deal with a dispute in this amusing and enlightening animated short.

The Elephants' Dream of Peace
In Ivory Coast the national soccer team, the Elephants, helped stop a civil war in 2005. Can the efforts of their top players avert disaster this time?

Empty Oceans, Empty Nets
Examines the global marine fisheries crisis and the efforts to implement sustainable fishing practices.

Empty Oceans, Empty Nets (Short Version)
Examines the global marine fisheries crisis and the efforts to implement sustainable fishing practices.

The End of the Line
The first major feature documentary film revealing the impact of overfishing on our oceans. Based on the book by Charles Clover.

Energy and Morality
The complex relationship of energy use to different value systems.

Escape from Affluenza
Simple living and its rewards.

Escaping from History
Poverty and consumerism clash in Mexico City. What can we do?

A close-up look at wetlands ecology.

Everything's Cool
Examines the media strategies, on both sides, that have resulted in the US government's failure to take decisive action on global warming.

Exotic Terrane
Geological discoveries in the Pacific Northwest.

Expedition Earthscope
America's turbulent geologic story and earth scientists' biggest push yet to uncover its deepest secrets.

Extreme By Design
In a Stanford multidisciplinary, project-based course, student design teams are building a better product at a time.

Faces of the Hand
The human hand, and its use, in different cultures.

Falling Down Stairs
Bach's 3rd Suite for Cello interpreted through dance.

The Farmers of Gaho
Farmers in Ethiopia have mastered dryland agriculture.

Farming The Seas
The perils and promise of fish farms in a world running out of ocean fish stocks.

Fat City
Sorts fact from fiction in the struggle for weight loss.

Fat or Skinny?
The people of India are faced with a choice: indulge in a Western-style fast food diet, or embrace healthy and indigenous alternatives.

The Fate of the Kidnapper
The cycle of revenge following first contact with the Uru Eu Wau Wau.

Favela Farm
In Brazil can Pedro build a Life App to help the secret world of urban farms and gardens in Rio's shanty towns?

Field of Genes
The effects of the biotechnology revolution on farmers and consumers.

A Fierce Green Fire (Classroom Version)
The documentary of record on the environmental movement.

A Fierce Green Fire
The documentary of record on the environmental movement.

Fighting Back
Women in Bosnia are rebuilding war-torn lives.

Fighting Fire With Fire
Raises questions about conventional methods of fighting fire, and whether decades of suppressing fire have simply made matters worse.

Finding Us and Them
Physically and mentally challenged people find community.

Fire and Ice
From the Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia to the Andes of Peru, indigenous highland communities battle threats to their forests, farms, and faith.

The Fire of Creation
Suzuki explores the latest scientific findings which amplify the age-old reverence for the sun.

The Firebird
A performance of James Kudelka's ballet, enhanced by spectacular visual effects.

The Fires of the Amazon
Adrian Cowell reports on the situation in the Amazon more than a decade after his series THE DECADE OF DESTRUCTION.

A Fistful of Rice
Protein deficiency threatens generations of children in Nepal.

The Flaw
Tells the story of the credit bubble that caused the financial crash of 2008, and clearly explains how excessive income inequality leads to economic instability.

Flight of the Stone
Witty pixilation follows a stone, thrown in anger, in its flight around the world.

Flight of the Stone (Short Version)
Witty pixilation follows a stone, thrown in anger, in its flight around the world.

Devising a sustainable food system -- one that is healthy, accessible, and affordable.

Food for Thought
Presents the environmental effects of eating meat.

Food or Fuel?
Kenyan farmer Moses Shaha journeys through the Tana Delta, where farmers are starting to grow jatropha, a biofuel crop.

Footprints in the Sand
Reveals the devastating impact of human activity on the ocean since we first settled along its coasts over 150,000 years ago.

Footprints of Sorrow
Guatemalan war widows fighting for human rights.

For a Few Pennies More
Iodine deficiency causes health problems in Indonesia.

For Earth's Sake
Portrait of David Brower, America's leading environmentalist.

For Richer, For Poorer
In Brazil the gulf between the rich and the poor is one of the biggest in the world.

For the Love of Movies
For the Love of Movies is the first documentary to dramatize the history of American film criticism and to explore its role in the evolution of American film.

For the Whales
Writers, artists, and musicians celebrate the whale.

Force Of Nature
Inspirational distillation of the life, thoughts and legacy of famed Canadian scientist, broadcaster and activist, David Suzuki.

The Forest For The Trees
The amazing story of the fight to clear Earth First! activist Judi Bari's name after her car was bombed and she was arrested as a terrorist.

Forests, Biodiversity and You
Can forests retain their productivity and biodiversity? Consuming less ourselves is key.

Forget Me Not
An astonishingly candid, loving and revelatory chronicle of the changes their mother's Alzheimer's disease has on the filmmaker's family.

Forgive Us Our Debts
Tells the story of the international grassroots movement to eliminate Third World debt.

Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate
2-DVD set explores the human capacity to forgive through a compelling range of stories, from personal betrayal to global reconciliation after genocide.

The Four Corners
The "hidden" cost of energy development in the homeland of the Hopi, Navajo, and Mormons.

The Four Seasons
Ballet describing the four seasons in a man's life set to Vivaldi's music.

Fragile Harvest
Biotechnology reduces the gene pool of the world's staple food crops.

A Fragile Trust
Tells the shocking story of New York Times reporter Jayson Blair, the most infamous plagiarist of our time.

Fragments of a People
Frantic efforts to find the Ava-Canoeiro before their land is flooded for a new dam.

Investigates the dangers to human health, including BSE (Mad Cow disease), posed by feedlot-raised beef.

The Friendship Village
An international group of veterans builds a village in Vietnam for children with Agent Orange-related deformities.

From Chechnya to Chernobyl
Fleeing the war in Chechnya, refugees have settled near Chernobyl.

From Chechnya to Chernobyl (Short Version)
Fleeing the war in Chechnya, refugees have settled near Chernobyl.

From Docklands to Dhaka
English MD travels to Bangladesh to improve community health.

From The Ground Up
Five 9/11 widows of New York firefighters pay tribute to their husbands by accomplishing extraordinary feats in their communities, turning evil into good.

What you see is only the tip of the iceberg.

Fury for the Sound
Women's contribution to the battle to save the rainforest at Clayoquot Sound.

Fury for the Sound (Short Version)
Women's contribution to the battle to save the rainforest at Clayoquot Sound.

Future Food
With 9 billion people on planet Earth in the year 2050, this 6-part series examines how we will feed ourselves in the 21st century.

A portrait of James Lovelock, originator of the theory that the earth is a living organism.

Game Over:
Explores the changing face of conservation in Kenya.

Garden Mimics
More than meets the eye.

Garden Song
Portrait of Alan Chadwick, inventor of the Biodynamic French Intensive Method of gardening.

Gaza Under Siege
The Gaza Strip has been a virtual prison for Palestinians for over fifty years.

Gene Blues
Examines the ethical issues associated with DNA testing.

Geologic Journey II
5-part series that explores the geologic forces that shape our planet and our lives.

Geraldo Off-Line
The globalized economy affects Brazilian factory worker.

Geraldo's Brazil
Five years later, Life rejoins a Brazilian factory worker affected by the globalized economy.

The Ghosts In Our Machine
Following animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur over the course of a year, the film illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world.

Girls from Chaka Street
The break-up of the Soviet Union leaves some women with few options but prostitution.

Global Gardener
Permaculture helps people turn wastelands into food forests.

The Globalization Trilogy
Micha X. Peled's groundbreaking series explores the production-consumption chain, from cotton grown with GMOs in India used to make the jeans in Chinese sweatshops that are sold in Wal-Marts across the U.S.

God Among the Children
Community organization works with at-risk youth in Boston.

The God Squad and the Case of the Northern Spotted Owl
A rare, behind-the-scenes look at the way politics shape environmental policy.

The Gods of Our Fathers
There is nothing innate in patriarchy and militarism. We can change our culture.

Going Green
Reducing the "unfriendly" impact of your household on the environment.

Going Home
10-year old soldier escapes rebel forces in Sierra Leone.

Going Home
Ways to reconnect with the earth.

The Golf War
Globalization comes to a Philippine seaside community, which has to defend its ancestral lands against golf course development.

Good Food
An intimate look at the farmers, ranchers, and businesses that are creating a more sustainable food system in the Pacific Northwest.

Good Riddance!
Five funny animated films follow the exploits of Eco, the green pest controller with an ingenious solution for every problem.

Good Riddance! Air Pollution
An accident leads to a radical redesign of the Eco Van.

Good Riddance! Flies
Eco uses frogs and a spider to combat a pesky fly infestation.

Good Riddance! Rats
Eco, the pest controller, applies his eco-friendly methods to a mischievous group of rats.

Good Riddance! Snails
An organic garden has been overrun by a mob of hungry snails.

Good Riddance! Termites
Eco combats a nest of termites that are dining on his home.

The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It
The story of conscientious objectors in World War II.

Forest communities can have both jobs and trees.

Grace Under Fire
Dr. Grace Kodindo explores what help is available for the people, particularly women, affected by the ongoing and bloody conflict in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Granny D Goes to Washington
An 89-year-old idealist walks across the country to demand that Washington lawmakers clean up their act by getting the money out of politics.

Great Falls
Professional, Native and antiquarian researchers combine to investigate the archaeological history and modern legacy of Eastern Native civilization in Turners Falls, MA.

The Great Health Service Swindle
Reversing the brain drain in doctors and nurses from developing countries.

The Great Vacation Squeeze
From the producer of the classic AFFLUENZA, this film shows why vacations are important for productivity, happiness, family bonding and especially health.

A Great Wonder
Documents the difficult transition of three of the "Lost Boys and Girls" of Sudan to life as immigrants in Seattle, WA.

Green Animation
Eleven funny shorts on the environment.

Greening Business
Reports on sustainable business practices and philosophy.

The Greening of Southie
The story of Boston's first LEED-certified residential green building, and the people who made it possible.

Groundswell Rising
Documents the opposition from both sides of the political spectrum to the ubiquitous practice of fracking for natural gas, and the health and environmental reasons behind it.

Growing Season
Horticulture dramatically improves prisoners' attitudes.

Half The Sky
Changes in the lives of four generations of Chinese women.

A video guide to Shakespeare's most famous play.

The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced
Two scientific expeditions to Alaska, 100 years apart, give us an unparalleled view of environmental damage and the change in society's attitudes.

Hassan and The Graduates
As Egyptian industry is undermined by Chinese imports, Hassan, a university graduate, takes up the government's offer of free land to farm.

Hawaii: Roots of Fire
Investigates the hidden forces that drive the planet's largest and most active volcanic system, the Hawaiian Islands.

Hayley, Rosamaria, Angela and Martens
Revisits four children in England, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Latvia, who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives.

The Health Protestors
Health care advocates demand universal health care for the world's population at international convention in Dhaka.

A Healthy Start
The debate over women's health care in South Africa.

Heart Of Sky, Heart Of Earth
Six young Maya present a wholly indigenous perspective, in which all life is sacred and connected, as they resist the destruction of their culture and environment.

Heart of the Congo
Documents the work done, and difficulties faced, by international aid workers in the Congo.

Investigates the roots of the current economic crisis, and the ongoing assault on working people in the United States.

Helen Nearing
A moving portrait of the lives and deaths of homesteading authors, Helen and Scott Nearing.

Helping Ourselves!
In India, two community projects help people move out of poverty and gain control of their lives.

The Heroin Wars
The history of the narcotics trade in Burma.

Hidden Fury
The danger posed by the New Madrid earthquake zone along the Mississippi River.

Holy Smoke
Buddhist monks lead anti-tobacco campaign in Cambodia.

Green technology and innovative design save energy.

Home of the Brave
Examines the case of Viola Liuzzo, the only white woman murdered in the civil rights movement.

Home Place
Putting the role of human beings in the biosphere back into proper perspective.

Tells the inspiring story of four battles in which Native American activists are fighting to preserve their land, sovereignty, and culture.

Homeland (Short Version)
A shorter version of the inspiring story of four battles in which Native American activists are fighting to preserve their land, sovereignty, and culture.

Homo Toxicus
Explores the links between the hundreds of toxic pollutants in our environment and increasing health problems.

The role of honeybees in a common garden.

Hong Kong Symphony
Tan Dun's "Symphony 1997" premieres as Hong Kong switches from British to Chinese rule.

Hopi Land
The Hopi fight to preserve their land and water from strip mining.

The Hospice
Workers at the Mother of Mercy hospice in Zambia provide palliative care for those afflicted with AIDS.

Hot Coffee
Tells the truth about the McDonald's hot coffee case and exposes the influence of corporate America on our civil justice system.

Hot Potatoes
Explores the dangers of potato blight and the chemicals used to control it.

House on Fire
Breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

How Green Is My Valley?
Documents efforts to revitalize the polluted, impoverished communities in the former coal and steel producing valleys of South Wales.

How to Become a President
Former World Soccer Player of the Year, George Weah, is running for president again in his native Liberia. Is he out of his depth?

The Human Scale
Influential Danish architect Jan Gehl argues that we can build cities in a way which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account.

Human Terrain
Examines and questions the US military's new counterinsurgency initiative, 'Human Terrain Systems', under which social scientists are embedded with combat troops.

Architect I.M. Pei returns to his home city of Suzhou, China to build a modern museum that complements the architecture of the 2,500 year-old city and sets a course for modern Chinese architecture.

If A Tree Falls
The Academy Award-nominated story of the radicalization of an environmental activist, from his involvement in and later disillusionment with Earth Liberation Front sabotage, to his eventual arrest by the FBI and incarceration as a domestic terrorist.

In Defense of Animals
Peter Singer presents the moral philosophy arguments for animal rights.

In Our Own Backyard
First brush the U.S. had with toxic waste at Love Canal.

In Our Own Backyards
How does uranium mining impact the land and the health of people?

In Search of International Justice
The first film about a crucial new commitment to the international rule of law: the International Criminal Court.

In Search of the Edge
Flat earth theory proved! A lesson in critical thinking and media literacy.

In the Ashes of the Forest
Saga of two colonists in the Amazon rainforest.

In the Ashes of the Forest
Concludes the Amazon colonists' saga.

In the Company of Wild Butterflies
An intimate study of the secret lives of wild butterflies.

In the Light of Reverence
A stunning portrait of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West.

In the Light of Reverence (Classroom Version)
Three separate stories of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West.

In The Mayor's Footsteps - Brazil
Mayor Amilcar Huancahuari visits Brazil to assess efforts to promote early childhood development there.

In The Mayor's Footsteps - Peru
Mayor Amilcar Huancahuari is trying to convert his native Peru to his optimistic philosophy of promoting early childhood development.

In the Name of Honour
Kurdish women fight for their rights in Northern Iraq.

In the Name of Safety
False imprisonment violates due process in Bangladesh.

In The Wake of War
A burgeoning grassroots peace movement in Burundi is aimed at ending civil war between Tutsis and Hutus.

In Whose Interest?
A revealing critique of US foreign policy since World War II.

Independent Intervention
Focuses on the human cost of the Iraq War to contrast corporate-controlled media coverage with independent media.

India Inhales
Activists combat tobacco companies that target India.

The Indians
The displaced Indian tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Inside Burma
John Pilger investigates the history and brutality of the military dictatorship in Burma.

Replaces the human-centered concept of environment with ecosystems.

The Intertidal Zone
Ecology of the ecological zone between the tides.

Introduction to Biodiversity
The concept of biological diversity and its importance to humans.

Invisible Garments: Expensive Soles
Nike and other multinationals are moving production to countries like Indonesia.

Islands of Sanctuary
Aboriginal Australians and Native Hawaiians reclaim land from the government and the military, and resist the erosion of culture and environment.

Islas Hermanas
Ometepe, Nicaragua, and Bainbridge Island near Seattle work together for a better life for both communities.

It Takes a Child
15 year-old child labor activist, Craig Kielburger, works for reform around the world.

It Takes a Village
A cyclone in Bangladesh results in the construction of an experimental community health center.

It's Gotten Rotten
Classroom composting engages students in inquiry-based science.

Jesus Tecu Osorio in Guatemala
The son of civil war victims leads a campaign for justice.

John James Audubon
The life story of one of America's singular pioneers, artist and naturalist John James Audubon.

Jongsada Suwanchondee in Thailand
HIV-positive, this former Thai heroin addict helps others understand AIDS.

A spectacular dance fantasy drawing on the world of myth.

Journey into New Worlds
Suzuki celebrates the birth of a new scientific worldview that is holistic rather than reductionist.

Julie de Varennes in Canada
A former sufferer helps kids coping with cancer; giving them hope and inspiration.

Kabul Transit
A street-level documentary that explores the soul of a city devastated by nearly three decades of war.

The confrontation between the Mohawk Nation and the Canadian Government at the Mercier Bridge.

Keepers of the Coast
Surfers organize to save the ocean and the coastline.

Keystone Species
The principle of keystone species proves the interconnectedness of the living world.

Kibera Kids
The adults of Kibera are working hard to offer kids a safe and stimulating haven in pre-schools.

kids + money
Money talks. Teens in Los Angeles discuss money: getting it, spending it and learning to live without it.

Kill Or Cure?
India's $4.5 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that serves the world's poor is at a crossroads.

Killing for Land
Squatters face off against gunmen hired by absentee landlords in the Amazon.

The Killing of Chico Mendes
The story of rainforest defender, Chico Mendes, that ended with his 1988 assassination.

Killing Poverty
Has the corruption in Kenya lessened under its new president?

King Corn (Classroom Version)
Classroom version of classic film about how two friends uncover the devastating impact of corn on the environment, public health and family farms. DVD contains new BIG RIVER: A KING CORN COMPANION.

King Corn (Original Version)
By growing an acre of corn in Iowa two friends uncover the devastating impact that corn is having on the environment, public health and family farms.

King for a Day
A humorous but pointed look at globalization as Bangladesh tries to impress the President of the world's only superpower.

King Lear
A video guide to one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.

Kosovo - A House Still Divided?
Resentment and property ownership issues remain as the UN Housing Property Directorate Mission ends.

Kosovo: Rebuilding the Dream
Assesses the success of UN efforts in rebuilding Kosovo.

La Camioneta
The transformation of an old American school bus into a brightly-colored public bus in Guatemala speaks volumes about our globalized world.

Land of Widows
Population and health problems in post civil war Cambodia.

The Lanza Sessions
Celebrates opera singer, Mario Lanza, and his music.

The Last Child
Tells the behind-the-scenes story of the global campaign to eradicate polio.

The Last of the Hiding Tribes
The Amazon's last uncontacted tribes face extinction.

Le Dortoir
Brilliant film adaptation of the highly acclaimed dance drama.

The Legacy of Malthus
Argues that overpopulation is not the real cause of poverty in India or elsewhere.

Let's Make Money
Erwin Wagenhofer's incredible odyssey tracking our money through the worldwide finance system.

Letters from our Lives
Disabled women write open letters to the world about their plight.

30-part series that looks at the effect of globalization on individuals and communities around the world.

Life 3
A 12-part series about Globalization and its effect on ordinary people and communities around the world.

Life 4
A 27-part series about global efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Life 5
A new 13-part series about globalization and the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Life 6
An 11-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face as their countries struggle to meet the UN's MDGs.

Life 8
A new 16-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face.

A Life Among Whales
A fascinating exploration into the life and work of whale biologist and activist Roger Payne.

Life and Debt
Economics and the murder of street children in Rio de Janeiro.

Life Apps
5-part series in which tech-savvy young adults from around the globe create mobile apps for a better, more sustainable world.

Life Cycles
Life is a property of Earth.

Life In A Lawn
Paradise is a well-tended lawn.

Life in the Vegetable Garden
Many mouths to feed, and clever ways to avoid becoming a meal.

Life: The Story So Far
How the globalized world economy affects ordinary people.

Lines in the Dust
In revolutionary programs in Northern Ghana and India, gender roles are challenged, and illiterate adults educated.

Listen to the Kids!
A UNICEF initiative involves children in decisions that affect their own futures, their families and communities.

Livable Landscapes
How growth and sprawl affect the quality of life in New England, and some possible solutions.

Living the Good Life
A portrait of the daily life of America's most famous back-to-the-landers.

Living Things We Love to Hate
Light-heartedly replaces our revulsion towards certain creatures with ecological understanding.

Living Under the Cloud
A sobering look at the Chernobyl disaster, with exclusive home video footage.

Llamado Para La Madre Tierra
Toxic chemicals are the greatest threat to the survival of indigenous peoples.

The Long March
Community in Chengdu, China has organized to clean-up polluted river.

The Long Walk To Freedom
A story of 12 ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things in the Civil Rights movement.

Look Who's Talking...
New research into animal communication challenges our assumptions.

Looking For My Gypsy Roots
Hungarian film director Arpád faces a dilemma - should he track down his Roma father?

Looting the Pacific
An ICIJ investigation reveals the secrets of the global fishing industry's last frontier and the fate of the jack mackerel.

Looting the Seas
Investigates the looming collapse of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna stocks and the role EU policies have played in the crisis.

Lost Generations
Poor health and poverty condemn people in India to sub-standard lives.

A Lot in Common (Short Version)
A community garden grows community as well as food, flowers and consciousness.

A Lot in Common
A community garden grows community as well as food, flowers and consciousness.

The Love of Money
3-part BBC series provides the definitive guide to the global economic meltdown.

Lovins on the Soft Path
Hunter and Amory Lovins make the case for energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Lower Orders
A new and funny look at the food chain!

A dramatic film about the cost of an oil spill to a fishing village in the Philippines.

A video guide to Shakespeare's "tragedy of blood".

Contrast of styles in performing Bach's most joyous work.

Making Shelter
Co-ops and co-housing provide new models for building community.

The Man We Called Juan Carlos
Chronicles the violent history of Guatemala and life of Wenceslao Armira, a Mayan father, farmer, teacher, guerilla, priest and champion of human rights.

Maps with Teeth
Bioregional mapping by locals communicates a sense of place and regional identity.

Marcelo Alvarez
Argentinian tenor seeks inspiration from work of deceased tango singer, Carlos Gardel.

Masterclass with Menuhin
Extraordinary meeting between two prodigies of the violin.

The Matrix of Life
Suzuki travels the world exploring our intimate relationship with water and air.

The Mayor's Dream
The Mayor's dream is simple: a better world because every child gets a better start.

The new feature-length version and final chapter in the saga of the postman and the gardener who took on McDonald's. And won.

The construction of a huge mall 18 miles north of Manhattan reveals the role of money, power and politics in the age of sprawl.

The Merchant of Venice
A video guide to the play from Shylock's point of view.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
A video guide to the loveliest of Shakespeare's romantic comedies.

Midwives...Lullabies...and Mother Earth
Fascinating look at pioneering natural birth doctor, Michel Odent.

Milking the Rhino
The promise of community-based conservation in Africa.

The Millennium Goals
Explores the ambition and scope of the UN's Millennium Development Goals, and the obstacles to their achievement.

The Miller's Tale
Efforts are underway in Egypt and Yemen to fortify flour with iron to wipe out needless malnutrition.

Missing Out
Anemia threatens the population of Niger and Tanzania.

Mobile Harvest
In India can Sachin build a "Life App" to help stem the tide of farmer suicides?

Moments of Truth
Charles Stewart, whose 1984 film alerted the world to the Ethiopian famine, returns to check whether the people he filmed then are now free from danger.

The Monarch
The latest findings on the life cycle and migration of the familiar, yet mysterious, butterfly.

Money & Medicine (New Edition)
An investigation of the dangers the nation faces from runaway health care spending as well as the dangers patients face from over-diagnosis and over-treatment.

A stirring portrait of America's greatest environmentalist.

More Than Human
With nanotechnology medicine could evolve from treating disease to a practice that is predictive, personalized and preemptive.

The Motherhood Manifesto
Looks at the obstacles facing working mothers and families and the employer and public policy changes needed to restore work-life balance.

Mothers of Malappuram
Literacy and access to health services slow population growth in India.

The controversy surrounding off-road motor vehicles using public lands.

Mount Shasta
The Wintu aim to keep their sacred spring on Mount Shasta from harm.

Mountains of Gold
Gold mining in the Amazon is a dangerous and dirty business.

A Moving Picture
Dance fantasy featuring the work of choreographer Ann Ditchburn.

An off-beat anniversary tribute to Mozart through some Mozart-loving eccentrics.

Multiracial Identity
Explores the social, political and religious impact of the multiracial movement.

Murrandoo Yanner in Australia
An aborigine leads the battle against multinationals for historic land rights and tradition.

Music for Wilderness Lake
A piece of "environmental music" written by Canadian composer, R. Murray Schafer.

The Music Garden
An exploration of Bach's music as interpreted through gardening.

My Father's Garden
Explores sustainable agriculture and the contrast between chemical and organic farming.

My First Day at School
Three children prepare to enter primary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My Hanoi
Tour of rapidly urbanizing Hanoi, and the effect on citizens and culture.

My Mother Built This House
Large homeless contingent in South Africa has organized to build houses for each other.

My War Years
Portrait of the 20th century's most influential composer.

Mysteries of the Deep
Explores the beguiling depths of the seas, as technology allows us to venture further and further into the planet's last frontier.

The Mystery of Chaco Canyon
Unveiling the ancient astronomy of southwestern Pueblo Indians.

The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People
Advanced seafaring culture lived in New England 7000 years ago.

Nanga Parbat
Pakistan's fast-growing mountain, Nanga Parbat, challenges geological theory.

The Nano Revolution
3-part series explores the promises and potential perils of a new technological frontier -- nanotechnology and the world of the infinitesimally small.

Natural Connections
Makes a compelling scientific and ethical case for maintaining biodiversity.

Natural Connections (Classroom Version)
5-part series that makes a compelling scientific and ethical case for maintaining biodiversity.

A Naturalist in the Rainforest (short version)
A journey into the rainforest with naturalist Alexander Skutch.

A Naturalist in the Rainforest
A journey into the rainforest with naturalist Alexander Skutch.

The Nature of David Suzuki
Portrait of geneticist David Suzuki, host of "The Nature of Things."

Near or Far?
The Nigerian Minister for Agriculture wants to ensure Nigerians eat food grown in Nigeria.

Net Loss
Examines the controversy surrounding salmon farms, and the threat they pose to wild salmon.

The New Green Giants
Examines the complex and controversial world of today's exploding organic food industry.

The New Metropolis
Two short documentaries highlight the efforts of some of America's first suburbs to reverse their long decline.

The New Rulers of the World
Award-winning journalist, John Pilger, investigates the realities of globalization by taking a close look at Indonesia.

The Next Industrial Revolution
Architect Bill McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart bring together ecology and human design.

What comes out at night in the garden.

No Bigger Than A Minute
Director Steven Delano explores dwarfism through images from movies, paintings, and popular culture and through his own experience as a "little person".

No Country For Young Girls?
A young Indian woman has to choose - stay with a husband who doesn't want female children, or make it on her own.

No Spare Parts
Ingenious recycling of used car parts in Ghana.

No Umbrella
An unblinking look at the 2004 US Election Day failures in one of Ohio's poorest neighborhoods.

Norse America
Evidence that the Icelandic sagas were fact not fiction.

Not for Sale
Examines the disturbing new corporate practice of patenting life forms.

Not The Numbers Game
Six films from around the world on women solving the twin problems of population and development.

Not The Numbers Game (BBC Version)
The role of women in solving development and population problems worldwide.

Nothing Like Chocolate
The story of Mott Green and the solar-powered Grenada Chocolate Company, a farmers' and chocolate-makers' co-op, which makes organic chocolate from tree-to-bar.

Nottingham Lace
With unemployment figures rising across Europe, is there still a place for the niche craft skills of Cluny Lace in the U.K.'s East Midlands?

Nuclear Dynamite
Investigates American and Soviet plans to use nuclear explosives for "geographical engineering."

Nuclear Dynamite (Short Version)
Investigates American and Soviet plans to use nuclear explosives for "geographical engineering."

Oil & Water
Two boys come of age looking for solutions to the global problem of reckless oil drilling following years of oil contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Oil & Water
Two boys come of age looking for solutions to the global problem of reckless oil drilling following years of oil contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Old Oak Tree
The diverse world of oaks and their residents.

Old or New?
In Lima, Peru, a new generation of top chefs are cooking with traditional ingredients and supporting traditional livelihoods.

On Nature's Terms
Coexisting with predators and protecting their habitats.

On the Edge of the Forest
E.F. Schumacher makes a plea for ecological balance as he visits a virgin forest in Australia.

On the Road
RV owners leave their home towns and build their own communities.

On the Way
Sex education project combats teenage pregnancy in Peru.

The On-going Story
Final episode examines the international community's commitment to linking social and economic development with human rights.

Once a Nomad
In Namibia can Dalton and Lameck build a "Life App" to help the illiterate and isolated Himba people market their goods?

One Ocean
Spectacular 4-part series dives into the world's vast interconnected ocean ecosystem--telling the story from its turbulent birth to its threatened future.

Original Minds
Inspirational film that shows a way to bring out the individual talents of five teenagers normally classified as learning disabled.

A video guide to one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies, dealing with revenge and pride.

The Other Side
Poor Mexicans attempt perilous border crossing to US, often at the expense of family, traditional culture, and their lives.

Our Planet Earth
Astronauts share their perspective on the earth

Our Vanishing Forests
The history and policies of the U.S. Forest Service.

Our Vanishing Forests (Short Version)
The history and policies of the U.S. Forest Service

The Outsiders
Explores the moral and economic dilemmas that adolescents face in the Ukraine today.

The Pacific Rim: Americas
From the glaciers of Alaska to the Andes of Chile, the relentless subterranean forces that formed the eastern Pacific Rim have convulsed our cities and overshadow our future.

Palestine Is Still The Issue
John Pilger returns to the Middle East and questions why there has been no progress towards peace.

Panjy, Amelia, Justin and Vusumzi
Revisits four children in India, Norway, and South Africa, who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives.

Paradise Domain
Pacific islanders are not benefiting from digital windfall or World Wide Web.

Changing our present exploitative relationship with Earth to one of partnership.

A brilliantly innovative telling of the story of Dr. John Rae who discovered the awful truth about the fate of the Franklin Expedition's attempt to find the Northwest Passage.

Patently Obvious
International patent regulations only protect multinationals.

Patents and Patients
India battles HIV/AIDS using generic drugs.

Pavements of Gold
Increase in urban poverty and population, caused by globalization, threatens Peruvians.

pax americana
Spreading human rights and democracy...or empire?

Paying the Price
Pharmaceutical companies block generic drugs, threatening the lives of millions of Africans with AIDS.

Paying the Price
John Pilger exposes the devastating effect that UN sanctions had on the children of Iraq during the 1990s.

Paying the Price (Short Version)
John Pilger exposes the devastating effect that UN sanctions have had on the children of Iraq.

Peacock's War
Moving portrait of legendary environmentalist, Doug Peacock.

A hand-operated peanut-sheller makes a difference in the lives of villagers around the world.

The Perfect Famine
Examines the causes of, and solutions to, severe famine conditions in Malawi.

The Perils of Plectropomus
The life and death struggles of fish on a coral reef today.

The Philadelphia Story
Globalized economy affects American jobs.

The Pied Piper of Eyasi
The Hadza are among Africa's last hunter-gatherers. Should they follow charismatic Baallow into the modern world?

Pilgrims and Tourists
In the Altai Republic of Russia and in Northern California, indigenous shamans resist massive government projects that threaten nature and culture.

Makes the case for a plant-based diet which is good for our bodies, good for the environment and mitigates climate change.

Planet Neighborhood
The latest in energy saving technology and good design.

The Planets
A figure skating and modern dance fantasia.

Plastic Paradise
Angela Sun reveals the effects of our rabid plastic consumption as she investigates The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Play Again (New Edition)
What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature? Six screen-addicted teens take their first wilderness adventure.

Poison in the Rockies
Threats to water quality in the Colorado Rockies.

The Politicians
Politicians plunder the Amazon rainforest.

The Posse
Rap group in Sao Paulo, Brazil, expresses social problems.

Possum's Rest
Can humans and wildlife co-exist in the suburbs?

The President's Dilemma
In the face of rising sea levels due to climate change, Kiribati President Anote Tong must decide the fate of his people. Should he plan for an orderly evacuation of the islands?

A non-partisan look at the consequences of big-money campaign donations and a Capitol overrun by lobbyists.

The Prince
A young Pakistani landowner chooses between trying to implement the MDGs in the village that his family owns, and a quiet life.

Profit and Loss
From Papua New Guinea to the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, native people fight the loss of land, water, and health to mining and oil industries.

Programmed To Be Fat?
Man-made chemicals may be programming us to be fat - before we're even born.

Psychology and the New Heroism
Philip Zimbardo and Daniel Ellsberg discuss why some people are willing to take courageous nonviolent action in defense of ethical principles.

A Question of Rights
Looks at the state of women's human rights in Ethiopia, Latvia, Jamaica and Fiji.

The Quiet Mutiny
John Pilger reveals the shifting morale and open rebellion of Western troops serving in Vietnam.

Modern day fable on family values from Africa.

Author Jim Merkel leads by example on the path to simple and sustainable living.

Rain in a Dry Land
Two Somali Bantu families leave behind a legacy of slavery in Africa and find new homes in urban America.

Rain in a Dry Land (Short Version)
Two Somali families find new homes in urban America.

The Rainforest
The ecology of a rainforest.

Rainmakers - Series 1
Six youth leaders from around the world are making a difference.

Rainmakers - Series 2
The second series about youth leaders around the world making a difference.

Raised to be Heroes
Through the example of Israeli Refuseniks we learn what happens when soldiers act out of conscience.

Ramiro Garcia in Peru
Social change is possible through the arts and humor.

Brilliant portrait of the composer's elusive life.

Ravel's Brain
Evokes and explores Ravel's illness-plagued final years, when he was able to produce music but couldn't write it down.

Razing Appalachia
Explores the controversial issue of mountaintop removal mining by following a grassroots fight to stop the process in West Virginia.

Razvan Marcu in Romania
After Ceausescu, Razvan Marcu now fights for a clean environment.

Reaching Out to the Grassroots
Education and community-driven development combat poverty in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The Real Leap Forward
Reports on China's successful efforts to reduce poverty through sustainable development and targeted programs.

The Real Patch Adams
He's a doctor, a clown, and a social activist, who wants to change the health care system.

Reclaim the Condom
Trained advice columnist Sheila launches a campaign in Mozambique to promote condoms as sexy contraceptives - not weapons in the fight against HIV and disease.

Reclaiming Community
Communities in Toronto and Oakland take back and revitalize public spaces.

Redwood Summer
Documents both sides in the summer of struggle between environmentalists vs. loggers and timber companies.

Reel to Real: Balancing Acts
Explores the international movement for women's rights.

Reel to Real: Holding Our Ground
International efforts to assure reproductive health and rights conflict with cultural realities in the Philippines, Latvia, Japan, and India.

Reframing Rio
9-part series from the producers of LIFE looking at different aspects of the globalization issue and consisting of LIFE APPS(5 x 27 min), LOOTING THE PACIFIC (27 min) and ZERO TEN TWENTY (3 x 50 min).

Regopstaan's Dream
Kalahari Bushmen fight to live on ancestral land in South Africa.

ReInventing The World
Three 50-minute programs on creating sustainable cities, food systems, and lifestyles.

ReInventing the World II
Two 50-minute videos that offer practical solutions to the big problems affecting all of us.

Rena Mcleod in Canada
An aboriginal mother fights for native justice.

Return from Extinction
The Panara return to their ancestral forest home.

The Return of the Cuyahoga
The story of the death and rebirth of one of America's most emblematic waterways.

Return to Kandahar
Post-war Afghanistan, as seen through the eyes of Nelofer Pazira, star of the movie "Kandahar," as she searches for her childhood friend.

Return to Srebrenica
Survivors of the massacre in Srebrenica struggle to heal their community and build a new future.

Returning Dreams
In the aftermath of Liberia's civil war children are fighting to reclaim their futures and return home.

Revenge of the Electric Car
Tells the story of the global resurgence of electric cars, following the race to be the first and the best, and to win the hearts and minds of the public around the world.

The Right to Choose
Women are denied human rights in Ethiopia and northern Nigeria.

Rising Above
Vietnamese women build on experiences of war.

Rising Waters
Shows that global warming is already hurting the Pacific Islands.

Risky Business
A discussion-starter on genetically engineered plants and animals.

The Road from Rio
Questions the relevance and success of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

Roma Rights
Breaking the cycle of Roma poverty and persecution.

Romeo and Juliet
A video guide to this cautionary tale of teenage love.

The plight of a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl, who becomes pregnant as the result of a rape, triggers a battle over whose life has precedence.

Rough Science
10-part series in which five scientists on a tropical island cooperate to solve a series of scientific challenges using only their knowledge, ingenuity, and whatever is at hand.

Rough Science DVD Disc 1
Episodes 101-103 of the entertaining science series.

Rough Science DVD Disc 2
Episodes 104-106 of the entertaining science series.

Rough Science DVD Disc 3
Episodes 107-110 of the entertaining science series. All shot on the island of Capraia in the Mediterranean.

The Rubber Tappers
Rubber tappers live sustainable lifestyle.

Running On Empty
Highlights the plight of two young mothers - one in South Wales and the other in Northern Ethiopia.

The Sacred Balance
4-part series that celebrates the meeting of science and spirit.

The Salmon Forest
Reveals the fragile connection between salmon, bears, trees, and people in the NW rainforest.

Sap Sucking Hoppers
The astronauts of the garden.

Feature film maker Atom Egoyan weaves a tale inspired by Bach's 4th Cello Suite.

Satie and Suzanne
Erik Satie's life and music captured in fanciful choreography. With Cirque du Soleil.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns
Examines the causes and effects of -- and then remedies for -- suburban sprawl.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns (Classroom Version)
Examines the causes and effects of -- and then remedies for -- suburban sprawl.

Saving Sunshine
In plain language, master electrician and solar installer Bruce Hankins explains AC coupling, the combining of a grid-tied solar electric installation with an off-grid battery backup system.

Scent of the Streets
Nigeria has had some success in getting more women into government and business. But what about in the crowded and often violent slums of Lagos?

School's Out
A year in the life of a forest kindergarten in Switzerland where being outdoors and unstructured play are the main components.

School's Out!
The private school option in a Lagos shantytown.

Schumann's Lost Romance
Cellist Steven Isserlis investigates the final years of Schumann's life.

Science For Survival
Fusion of modern science with women's knowledge in India.

The Science of Whales
The latest discoveries about whale behavior and communication.

A Sea Change (Short Version)
Ocean acidification threatens over one million species with extinction--and with them, our entire way of life.

A Sea Change
Ocean acidification threatens over one million species with extinction--and with them, our entire way of life.

The Seattle Syndrome
Were the WTO protesters right in their effort to protect workers and the environment from exploitation?

A brilliant visual essay about the costs, benefits and history of the vast, invisible world of government secrecy.

The Secret World of Gardens
13-part series providing a close-up look at the complex ecosystem that is the backyard garden.

Secrets of Silicon Valley
Shocking exposé of the hidden downsides of the Internet revolution.

Secrets of the Choco
The Choco rainforest in Colombia faces development. What is the best option?

Secrets of the Salt Marsh
An overview of salt marsh ecology.

Genetic diversity in the food supply.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
The darker side of the Green Revolution.

Seeing is Believing
Zambia begins a nationwide program to deliver Vitamin A to its population.

Semper Fi
Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger reveals the Marine Corps' cover-up at Camp Lejeune of one of the largest water contamination incidents in US history.

A Sense of Wonder
Rachel Carson's love for the natural world and her fight to defend it.

Sex and the Holy City
Investigates the impact on poor women and families of the late Pope John Paul's position on sex and reproductive health.

Shadows and Light
An intimate portrait of the remarkable Spanish composer, Rodrigo.

Shadows of Liberty
Uses shocking examples of cover-ups and censorship by the US media to show how a few mega corporations exercise control over the content of our news.

Shakuntala Kazmi in India
A low-caste Hindu, Shakuntala Kazmi fights for women's rights.

The Shaman's Apprentice
Ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin's quest to preserve the ancient wisdom of Amazonian shamans.

Shattered Sky
The story of how America led the world to solve the ozone crisis. Will we dare to do the same with climate change?

Shift Change
Investigates employee-owned businesses that provide secure, dignified jobs in democratic workplaces even in today's economic crisis.

The Shoreline Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
Coastal erosion and our mostly futile efforts to hold the ocean at bay.

Nonverbal animated series explores conflict resolution.

Funny animation re-works the Frankenstein legend to show how to overcome shyness.

A Sidewalk Astronomer (Short Version)
John Dobson has revolutionized astronomy and helped thousands to look in wonder at their own universe.

A Sidewalk Astronomer
John Dobson and his simple telescope mount have revolutionized astronomy.

The Significance of Salmon
Salmon and people both need clean water to survive. Can we make the connection?

The Silent Crisis
The Central African Republic struggles to avoid economic and social chaos.

Silent Killer
Highlights promising attempts in Africa, and in South and Central America, to end world hunger.

Silent Sentinels
Was the unprecedented mass coral bleaching in 1998 proof of global warming?

Silicon Savannah
In Kenya can Muniu build a Life App to help William be as good a farmer as he can be?

Silk Ceiling, Part 1
Ritu Bhardawaj is an Indian TV reporter who has broken through the silk ceiling which narrows the prospects for so many women in the Asia Pacific region.

Silk Ceiling, Part 2
Indian TV journalist Ritu Bhardawaj goes to Bihar to investigate the invisible barrier that confronts so many Asian women.

The Silver Age
Growing population of elderly worldwide seeks purpose and care.

Sir! No Sir!
The untold story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam.

Six Gestures
Torvill and Dean interpret Bach's Suite No. 6.

Slum Futures
The slums of Mumbai are an important microcosm of how slums are developing around the world.

The struggle for greater democracy and free speech in Thailand.

A Snowmobile For George
A rambunctious road trip reveals the toll that environmental deregulation has had on the lives of ordinary people, including the effects of fracking for natural gas.

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories
Investigates how the exploitation of Southern Louisiana's abundant natural resources compromised the resiliency of its ecology and culture, multiplying the devastating impact of the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina.

Soldiers of Conscience
To kill or not to kill? For some the war is within.

The Sorceress
Part baroque opera, part rock video--A performance fantasy with an edge.

Sorie K and the MDGs
Blind musician, Sorie Kondi, from Sierra Leone looks at what's happening with girls' education in his country 10 years after civil war.

The Sound of the Carceri
Yo-Yo Ma performs Bach in a virtual prison designed by Piranesi.

Examines logging in the southeastern US and the controversy over chip mills.

Sowing for Need or Sowing for Greed?
The connection between multinational chemical companies and the foods they want us to eat.

Sowing Seeds of Hunger
The AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has crippled the agricultural community while forcing children to undertake the responsibilities of farming.

Split Estate
Documents the devastating effect that fracking for natural gas and oil is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West.

What are these chipmunks and squirrels doing in the garden?

Srebrenica - Looking For Justice
Examines the massacre at Srebrenica on its 10th anniversary.

Standing on Sacred Ground
In this 4-part series, indigenous people from eight different cultures stand up for their traditional sacred lands in defense of cultural survival, human rights and the environment.

Stay or Go?
Who will grow China's food as young people leave the countryside for the cities?

Staying Alive!
Poverty combined with lack of education and health services affect maternal mortality rates in Bangladesh.

Stealing a Nation
Award-winning reporter John Pilger exposes how the British Government expelled the population of a group of islands, including Diego Garcia, so the US could build a military base.

Stephanie, Erdo and Kay-Kay
Revisits three children in the United States, Kenya, and China, who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives.

Stop the Traffick
Investigates horror of child sex industry in Cambodia.

Stop the World, We Want to Get On
Dramatic impact of civil rights organization for disabled people.

Store Wars
Looks at the impact on a small town when Wal-Mart plans to build a mega-store there.

Stormy Weather:
Some of today's most original recording artists perform the work of famed composer Harold Arlen.

The Story of Eman
A Cairo girl's struggle to attain higher education.

The Story of Idrissa
Cultural values conflict with consumerism for a boy in Africa.

The Story of Pintinho
A young Brazilian athlete hopes soccer will be his ticket out of poverty.

The Story of Puttinan
A determined Thai girl has experienced the hardship of child labor.

The Story of Rosie
Teen pregnancy in Jamaica.

The Story of Sonam
A Tibetan boy in India tries to reconcile religious faith and cultural distractions.

The Storytelling Class
An after-school storytelling project in a diverse, but divided, city school breaks cultural boundaries and creates community.

The Strangest Dream
The inspiring story of Joseph Rotblat and the efforts of the Pugwash Conferences to halt nuclear proliferation.

Street Fight
Tells the gripping story of the race for mayor of Newark, N.J., where elections are won and lost in the streets.

Struggle for Hope
Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando interprets Bach.

Subdivide and Conquer
Suburban sprawl: causes and remedies.

Subdivide and Conquer (Short Version)
Suburban sprawl -- causes and remedies.

The Summit
The UN General Assembly meets to review progress on social justice worldwide.

The Sun Dagger (Short Version)
The astonishing discovery of an ancient celestial calendar in Chaco Canyon, NM.

The Sun Dagger
The astonishing discovery of an ancient celestial calendar in Chaco Canyon, NM.

Sun Kissed
One gene exposes a nation's dark past. A Navajo couple with two children born with an extremely rare genetic disorder investigate the cause of the outbreak.

Multinational companies seldom take the needs of people or the environment into account.

Suspended Animation
Primeval shrimp eggs seem to be able to survive for millennia.

Suspended Dreams
The lasting effects of the civil war in Lebanon.

Suspino: A Cry for Roma
An unflinching look at the persecution of Europe's largest minority, the Roma or 'gypsies'.

Suspino: A Cry for Roma (Short Version)
An unflinching look at the persecution of Europe's largest minority, the Roma or 'gypsies'.

The Suzuki Diaries: Future City
David and Sarika Suzuki explore urban innovations leading toward sustainability.

The Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action
David Suzuki and daughter Sarika travel to Europe to visit inspiring people and projects that give hope for a sustainable future.

Swim for the River
The story of the Hudson, and the battle to save it, are told as Chris Swain swims the entire length of the river.

A Tale of Tanglewood
50 years after Koussevitsky, Tanglewood mounts a new production of "Peter Grimes."

The Tale of the Three Lost Jewels
A tale of love and hope in the Gaza Strip.

Talk Mogadishu
The story of HornAfrik, the first community TV and radio station in Somalia.

An unflinching examination of the big business of bottled water.

Tar Creek
Tells the incredible story of the Tar Creek Superfund site in NE Oklahoma and the massive and deadly remains left by the lead and zinc mines there.

A Taste of Shakespeare
A unique video guide to the most commonly taught Shakespeare plays.

Teach a Woman How to Fish And...
Sea farming empowers women in Fiji.

Tectonic Europe
Examines the Earth's surface under pressure, from Iceland to the Alps, landscapes that inspired scientists to invent the study of geology.

Tectonic Plates
Adaptation-integration of the stage play by Robert Lepage.

Dramatic children's film about urbanization and family values in Ethiopia.

Their Brothers' Keepers
A deeply moving film about Africa's AIDS orphans left to fend for themselves.

A piercing look at the global corporate drive to control and profit from our water -- from bottles to tap.

30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle
Photojournalist's personal odyssey through the streets of Seattle during the WTO meeting.

this black soil
Chronicles the successful struggle of Bayview, VA, to pursue a new vision of prosperity.

This Hard Ground
Civil war leads to the internal displacement of millions in Sri Lanka.

Thomas Berry
Portrays the life and work of the famous eco-theologian.

Three Sisters
Eritrea's women fought in the war. Should they now liberate themselves from harmful traditional practices?

Tickle The Sky
Robert Fulghum shows us the joy of climbing trees.

Till Death Do Us Part
Widows are denied inheritance and property rights in Nigeria.

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe
A young woman fights for the rights of gays and lesbians against the odds.

A classic energy film that reveals our underlying dependence on fossil fuels.

Together Against Violence
Poor Jamaican community overcomes violence.

Tokyo Waka
A poem about a city, its people, and 20,000 crows.

Tokyo Waltz
Appalachia Waltz at Suntory Hall in Japan.

Tools for Research
A classic animal rights film that raises important questions about the use of animals in laboratories.

Torture Made in USA
Examines the George W. Bush administration's systematic use of torture and questions whether key members could be prosecuted for war crimes.

Torturing Democracy
Tells the inside story of how the U.S. government adopted torture as official policy in the aftermath of 9/11.

Toxic Bust
Explores the relationship between breast cancer and exposure to toxic chemicals.

The Trade Trap
Ghanaian farmers struggle to get a foothold in the international market.

Translation Possible
Using a simple filmic device, this film illustrates the disorientation we all feel on encountering a new culture, and the way we gradually learn to fit in.

Trawler Girl
A female trawler captain in Namibia exemplifies goals set forth for women in the Millennium Development Goals.

The Tree of Our Forefathers
A refugee family makes the long journey home, returning from exile to Mozambique.

The Tree that Remembers
Extraordinary film explores the lives of Iranian refugees who cannot escape painful memories.

The Tribal Mind
Post-apartheid South Africa is the best example of people struggling to overcome tribalism.

A Tribe of His Own
Indian journalist reminds us of the meaning of responsible journalism.

Triumph Over Terror
Six films on human rights around the world.

Trouble In Paradise
Local inhabitants of the Maldives wait for promised tsunami aid.

The Trouble with Bread
A gluten intolerant filmmaker's quest for the perfect loaf leads to unexpected discoveries about modern bread.

Truck Farm
Blending seriousness and whimsy, filmmaker Ian Cheney explores the promise and perils of urban farming.

Truck Farm
Blending seriousness and whimsy, filmmaker Ian Cheney explores the promise and perils of urban farming.

Tsuyoshi Inaba in Japan
Working to empower the homeless in Tokyo.

Turbulent Waters
An investigation of international shipping practices and the treatment of seafarers.

Turning 16
Six teens in six countries talk about their hopes for the future.

Turning Down The Heat
Renewable energy sources and energy conservation are the solution to global warming.

Turtle World
A powerful allegory about the survivability of Homo sapiens.

Tête à Tête à Tête
A playful animated film that provides a thought-provoking commentary on how beings interact.

Unconquering the Last Frontier
Chronicles Native Americans' struggle to survive in the midst of hydroelectric development.

Unfinished Spaces
Multi-layered story of Cuba's National Art Schools project, designed by three young artists in the wake of Castro's Revolution.

The Unforgiven
Should General Butt Naked (née Joshua Blahyi) - now a Christian pastor - be forgiven for his role in Liberia's horrific civil war?

The caste system and bonded labor are still alive and well in India.

Up Close and Toxic
Examines the alarming levels of pollutants inside our homes and suggests ways to reduce them.

Up in Smoke
Dependence on tobacco crops and manipulation by the tobacco industry has stunted the economy of Malawi.

Native peoples pay the consequences of uranium mining.

John Pilger's epic portrayal of Earth's oldest continuous human culture, Aboriginal Australians, and his investigation into Australia's suppressed colonial past and rapacious present.

Valentine Road
In 2008, eighth-grader Brandon McInerney shot classmate Larry King at point blank range. Unraveling this tragedy, the film reveals the heartbreaking circumstances that led to the shocking crime as well as the aftermath.

Valentino's Ghost (New Edition)
Exposes the ways in which America's foreign policy agenda in the Middle East drives the mainstream media's portrayals of Arabs and Muslims.

Valley at the Crossroads
The battle over sprawl in California's Central Valley, where 50% of America's fruits, nuts, and vegetables are grown.

The Value of Life
United Nations' HIV/AIDS envoy, Stephen Lewis, makes an impassioned plea for world public opinion to focus on the AIDS crisis in Africa.

The controversy surrounding the decline of the prairie dog.

Varmints (Short Version)
The controversy surrounding the decline of the prairie dog.

Victor "Gotti" Cherry in New York
A former gang leader now works with troubled youth.

The good, the bad and the ugly side of vines.

Virtual JFK
A filmic examination of "virtual history." What would Kennedy have done in Vietnam if he had lived and been re-elected in 1964?

Virtually Intentional
Finding community in the cloister, a commune, and in cyberspace.

Voices of the Land
Our spiritual connection to the land, and how wilderness can heal the soul.

The Waiting Room
A day in the life of a public hospital's ER waiting room captures what it means for millions of Americans to live without health insurance.

Waiting to Go
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are denied human rights.

Walking with Ghosts
Predator biologist Elizabeth Hofer tracks and studies the elusive lynx in the Yukon's boreal forests.

War In The Mind
Gives voice to soldiers living with PTSD to help erase the stigma, examines the growing number of military suicides, and shows a successful group therapy program.

The War on Democracy
John Pilger reports that, in spite of a history of repeated US-backed suppression, popular democratic movements are gaining ground in Latin America.

The War Symphonies
Shostakovich's musical counter-attack on Stalin's bloody purges.

war, peace and patriotism
Patriotism, the 'chicken-hawks' and weapons of mass destruction.

Warming Up in Mongolia
Unless sustainable alternatives are introduced, Mongolia's dependence on fossil fuels and rapid urbanization threatens the environment.

Surprising introduction to the many facets of our waste problem.

The Wasting of a Wetland
The destruction of the Florida Everglades.

Water and the Human Spirit - Program One
Communities solving their own water problems.

Water and the Human Spirit - Program Two
Farmers and communities solving their own water problems.

Water First
An inspiring story from Malawi shows that clean water is essential for the achievement of the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

The Water Front
In Highland Park, MI an unelected, state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager with quasi dictatorial authority sees water privatization as key to economic recovery.

Water On The Table
An intimate portrait of international water activist Maude Barlow and the debate over whether water is a commercial good or a human right.

An epic cinematic poem that reveals the extraordinary beauty and complex toxicity of the Great Lakes, the largest remaining supply of fresh water (20%) on Earth.

Way of the Bear in Alaska
The latest information about the behavior of grizzlies.

Ways We Live
New models of community living and building in the US and Canada are featured.

We Are Not Ghosts
Detroiters are reinventing the old Motor City as a vibrant new self-sustaining and human-scaled city for a post industrial world.

We Feed the World
Vividly reveals the dysfunctionality of the industrialized world food system and shows what world hunger has to do with us.

We Still Live Here
Tells the amazing story of the return of the Wampanoag language, a language that was silenced for more than a century.

Weather Report
A report from the front lines of climate change in Kenya, India, Canada, the Arctic, China, and Montana where people's lives have already been dramatically altered.

Weather The Storm
Fishing communities on France's western coast show the path to sustainability.

They crawl, they fly, and some even swim...

Welcome to Nano City
See how the invisible nano revolution is already at work in our lives--from photocatalytic window coatings that clean themselves to manmade fiber stronger, yet lighter, than steel.

Welcome to Womanhood
Efforts to stop female genital mutilation in Uganda.

The Western Pacific Rim
Examines the western Pacific Rim, home to 50% of the world's active volcanoes, and 90% of its earthquakes.

The Whale
The story of Luna, a young wild killer whale, who challenged the established order of things when he tried to make friends with people.

Musical experiment with a choir, symphony orchestra, and three killer whales.

Whalesong (Short Version)
Musical experiment with a choir, symphony orchestra, and three killer whales.

What's the Economy for, Anyway?
Ecological economist Dave Batker questions whether GDP is an adequate measure of society's well-being and suggests workable alternatives.

Wheat Today, What Tomorrow?
The crisis in dryland farming, and some solutions.

When Abortion was Illegal
Devastating stories from the era of illegal abortion.

When China Met Africa
Examines China's expanding footprint in Africa through the stories of three people in Zambia: a Chinese farmer, a Chinese multinational's road project manager and Zambia's trade minister.

When Is Enough, Enough?
A small Cree band in Alberta battles major oil companies for their land which lies on top of one of the world's richest oil deposits.

When the Cows Come Home
Despite the success of the "Jamaica Hope" milk cow, Jamaica's dairy industry is facing a crisis, as EU trade undercuts island production.

When the Dust Settles
Gophers teach us a funny lesson in conflict resolution.

Where Am I?
Why are some of us good at finding our way, while others are not? The latest findings in spatial cognition research have multiple implications including for urban planning and design.

Where Truth Lies
A dramatic case before the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Whether the Weather
How plants survive the stress of changes in the weather.

Which Way Home
The personal side of immigration as child migrants from Mexico and Central America risk everything to make it to the US riding atop freight trains.

Which Way Home - Original
The personal side of immigration as child migrants from Mexico and Central America risk everything to make it to the US riding atop freight trains.

The White Hole
Amusing animated film about our response to the toxic waste crisis.

Who Shot My Brother?
As German Gutierrez searches for the gunmen who tried to kill his brother, he exposes the root causes of the violence in his native Colombia.

Who's Counting?
Marilyn Waring demystifies global economics from a feminist perspective.

Who's Counting? (Short Version)
Marilyn Waring demystifies global economics from a feminist perspective.

Whose Agenda Is It Anyway?
To fulfill the Millennium Development Goals, many poor countries are now implementing "Poverty Reduction Strategy Programs".

Whose Home on the Range?
The peace process between environmentalists, ranchers, and the U.S. Forest Service in the toughest county in the West.

A Will for the Woods
Clark Wang's passionate wish for a legacy of green burials inspires a profoundly affecting and optimistic portrait of people finding meaning in death.

Will Nano Save the Planet?
Environmental problems might be solved by nano solar cells, clean fuel additives, contaminant remediation, but are we creating pollutants more dangerous than the ones we already have?

Wind River
The battle over water rights on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

The Wisdom to Survive
Examines the challenges that climate change poses and discusses meaningful action that can be taken by individuals and communities.

Without Rights
Palestinians are denied human rights.

Reexamines the relationship between humans and wolves.

Wolves in Paradise
Ranchers and environmentalists team up to protect open space from developers and to learn how to share with wolves this last wild corner of the West.

A Woman's Place - Short Stories (on one DVD)
Six short films about women and development by local women directors.

A Woman's Place - Short Stories
Six short films about women and development by local women directors.

Energy-efficient skyscrapers, controlling waste, and innovative automobile design and recycling.

Work and Time
A program about stress. How we can overcome being over-worked and out of time?

World Drums
250 of the world's greatest percussionists collaborate to perform World Drums.

World of Apps
Young people are writing apps to solve problems from reproductive health care in South Africa to helping young minority adults in London who are "stopped and searched."

World of Difference
Women and human rights around the world.

Xmas Without China
Explores the intersection of consumerism and immigration in American culture.

A seven-part series that gives context and perspective to events since the 2000 presidential elections and 9/11.

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia
John Pilger alerts the world to the bloody reign of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

Yemeni Futures
More than a decade after its unification, Yemen is still struggling to improve the standard of living.

The Yes Men Fix The World
Two daring political activists, posing as top executives, infiltrate conferences and pull off pranks designed to provoke better business practices.

Yildiz Temürtürkan in Turkey
A human rights activist risks everything to protest police repression.

Yo-Yo Ma
Yo-Yo Ma collaborates with artists from different media to create new works inspired by Bach's cello suites.

You've Been Trumped
In this David and Goliath story, proud Scottish homeowners take on The Donald over one of Britain's very last stretches of wilderness.

Young Wives' Tales
Very early marriage threatens young girls' health and survival.

Youth and the Future
Teens worldwide consider their futures. What impact will Western culture have?

Youth and the Global Village
How much do teens have in common worldwide?

Zero Ten Twenty
3-part series revisits 11 children from around the world who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives.

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