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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Abandoned (Short Version)
Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Diagnoses the "disease" of materialism and prescribes its antidote, simple living.

After Silence
Examines the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WW II, and its relevance to post 9/11 America.

The Alarm Rings Softly
Caribbean women use drama and reggae to fight domestic violence.

The Amahs of Hong Kong
Filipino women exploited as maids in Hong Kong.

Ana in the Rainforest
An imaginary journey to a tropical rainforest.

Another World is Possible
A rousing account of the 2002 World Social Forum that will inspire activists everywhere.

Argentina: Hope in Hard Times
The Argentine people, in the face of economic collapse, provide a hopeful example for the rest of us.

Arrows Against the Wind
The Dani and the Asmat come face to face with the modern world in Irian Jaya.

The Art of Being Human
A remarkable artist who helps us see the humanity in others.

Baboon Tales
Dr. Shirley Strum's new interpretation of baboon society.

Having fun with babies in the water as they learn swimming skills.

Baked Alaska
Looks at the battle over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in the context of Alaska's accelerated warming.

Banana, Banana, Banana Slugs!
Kids freely explore life among the Redwoods.

Banking on Disaster
The grave consequences of building a road through the heart of Amazonia.

Grizzly bears, as they really are, in their natural habitat.

Between Joyce and Remembrance
A hard-hitting look at one of the many heinous crimes that came before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Between the Walls
One girl finds a clever way to remove a mouse.

Beyond Organic
A model of community supported agriculture in the midst of suburban sprawl.

Big Spuds, Little Spuds
The impact of climate change and monoculture on one of the world's staple food crops.

Billion Dollar Crop
The history and advantages of hemp as an industrial fiber.

Preserving the balance of dynamic ecosystems.

2-part series based on the book Biomimicry - a new science that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.

Biomimicry: Learning from Nature - Part 1
Using natural processes as the model for agriculture and business.

Biomimicry: Learning from Nature - Part 2
Advances in materials and medicine based on research into natural processes.

Black Sea
Scientists and religious leaders meet to find the solution to the Black Sea in crisis.

Blowpipes and Bulldozers
The story of the Penan, a tribe of rainforest nomads in Borneo, as seen by Bruno Manser.

Blue Snake
Preparation and premiere of Robert Desrosiers' futuristic ballet.

Borderline Cases
The environmental impact of the 2,000 factories (maquiladoras) on the US-Mexico border.

The Boyhood of John Muir
The early story of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club.

Building the Brookhaven House
D.O.E.'s prototype passive solar home.

The Canadian Brass
The kids of the Canadian Brass help create a unique Christmas pageant.

The Car
Automobiles designed for recycling.

Carnival of Shadows
R. Murray Schafer's bizarre love story set in an old outdoor carnival.

Caught in the Crossfire
Economic and societal pressures force women into the sex trade.

Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann
Steven Isserlis performs one of Schumann's greatest works.

Celso Magumbe in Mozambique
A deaf man fights for the rights of the hearing impaired.

Children of the Long-Beaked Bird
Portrait of a modern Native American family that erases old stereotypes.

Circle of Plenty
John Jeavons demonstrates biointensive agriculture as a way to alleviate world hunger.

The Colonists
Colonists invading the rainforest.

Composting without problems.

Concerto for the Earth
A wordless celebration of nature and a history of mankind's attitude towards our environment.

Concierto de Aranjuez
The story behind, and location of, Rodrigo's most famous work.

Making connections between living creatures and machines.

A Crack in the Pavement
2-part series on how greening school grounds improves not only the school, but the surrounding community.

Creatures of the Sun
The ecology of the painted turtle.

Crossing the Stones
An intimate biography of the Norwegian founder of deep ecology.

Cull of the Wild
The argument for ending animal trapping for profit, recreation or wildlife management.

Cultivating Opportunity
Hard-pressed farmers in the southeast US and in Mozambique find co-ops work.

The Cutting Edge
Ugandan project attempts to change attitudes about female genital mutilation.

David Brower
An interview with America's foremost environmentalist.

The Decade of Destruction - Classroom Version
The story of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.

Democracy à la Maude
A Canadian woman leads the fight against unjust corporate globalization, and for social justice.

Design with the Sun
Take a tour of passive solar homes and buildings.

The Development Road
A road is always the first step to rainforest destruction.

Diet for a Small Planet
Frances Moore Lappé shows how to practice vegetarianism and address world hunger.

Digging In
Jesse Ketchum School greens their schoolyard.

The Dingles
A warm and loving film about a household facing and overcoming a crisis.

Water quality for major southwest cities is threatened by mining, acid rain, urbanization.

A Dream In Hanoi (Short Version)
Two theater companies, one American, one Vietnamese, collaborate to produce A Midsummer Night's Dream in Hanoi.

A Dream In Hanoi
Two theater companies, one American, one Vietnamese, collaborate to produce A Midsummer Night's Dream in Hanoi.

Dry Days In Dobbagunta
Literacy program spurs anti-liquor campaign in rural India and empowers women.

E. F. Schumacher...
Summary of Schumacher's economic arguments referring to the world energy situation.

Energy and Morality
The complex relationship of energy use to different value systems.

A close-up look at wetlands ecology.

Faces of the Hand
The human hand, and its use, in different cultures.

Falling Down Stairs
Bach's 3rd Suite for Cello interpreted through dance.

The Farmers of Gaho
Farmers in Ethiopia have mastered dryland agriculture.

The Fate of the Kidnapper
The cycle of revenge following first contact with the Uru Eu Wau Wau.

Field of Genes
The effects of the biotechnology revolution on farmers and consumers.

Fighting Back
Women in Bosnia are rebuilding war-torn lives.

Flight of the Stone
Witty pixilation follows a stone, thrown in anger, in its flight around the world.

Flight of the Stone (Short Version)
Witty pixilation follows a stone, thrown in anger, in its flight around the world.

Food for Thought
Presents the environmental effects of eating meat.

Footprints of Sorrow
Guatemalan war widows fighting for human rights.

For Earth's Sake
Portrait of David Brower, America's leading environmentalist.

For the Whales
Writers, artists, and musicians celebrate the whale.

The Four Corners
The "hidden" cost of energy development in the homeland of the Hopi, Navajo, and Mormons.

Fragile Harvest
Biotechnology reduces the gene pool of the world's staple food crops.

Fragments of a People
Frantic efforts to find the Ava-Canoeiro before their land is flooded for a new dam.

From Chechnya to Chernobyl
Fleeing the war in Chechnya, refugees have settled near Chernobyl.

From Chechnya to Chernobyl (Short Version)
Fleeing the war in Chechnya, refugees have settled near Chernobyl.

A portrait of James Lovelock, originator of the theory that the earth is a self-regulating system maintaining the conditions that allow its perpetuation.

Garden Song
Portrait of Alan Chadwick, inventor of the Biodynamic French Intensive Method of gardening.

Girls from Chaka Street
The break-up of the Soviet Union leaves some women with few options but prostitution.

Going Home
Ways to reconnect with the earth.

Forest communities can have both jobs and trees.

Green Animation
Eleven funny shorts on the environment.

Greening Business
Reports on sustainable business practices and philosophy.

Growing Dreams
An inspirational overview of school ground greening.

Growing Season
Horticulture dramatically improves prisoners' attitudes.

A Healthy Start
The debate over women's health care in South Africa.

Helen Nearing
A moving portrait of the lives and deaths of homesteading authors, Helen and Scott Nearing.

The Home
Families can reduce air pollution and save money.

Hong Kong Symphony
Tan Dun's "Symphony 1997" premieres as Hong Kong switches from British to Chinese rule.

House on Fire
Breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

In Our Own Backyard
Lois Gibbs brilliantly leads her fellow residents in Love Canal in this classic documentary on the nation's first encounter with toxic waste.

In Our Own Backyards
How does uranium mining impact the land and the health of people?

The Indians
The displaced Indian tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Replaces the human-centered concept of environment with ecosystems.

The Intertidal Zone
Ecology of the ecological zone between the tides.

Invisible Garments: Expensive Soles
Nike and other multinationals are moving production to countries like Indonesia.

It's Eco-Logic
Practical things kids can do to protect the environment.

It's Gotten Rotten
Classroom composting engages students in inquiry-based science.

Jesus Tecu Osorio in Guatemala
The son of civil war victims leads a campaign for justice.

Jongsada Suwanchondee in Thailand
HIV-positive, this former Thai heroin addict helps others understand AIDS.

A spectacular dance fantasy drawing on the world of myth.

Julie de Varennes in Canada
A former sufferer helps kids coping with cancer; giving them hope and inspiration.

Keepers of the Coast
Surfers organize to save the ocean and the coastline.

Land of Widows
Population and health problems in post civil war Cambodia.

The Last of the Hiding Tribes
The Amazon's last uncontacted tribes face extinction.

Le Dortoir
Brilliant film adaptation of the highly acclaimed dance drama.

Letters from our Lives
Disabled women write open letters to the world about their plight.

Life Cycles
Life is a property of Earth.

Living the Good Life
A portrait of the daily life of America's most famous back-to-the-landers.

Living Under the Cloud
A sobering look at the Chernobyl disaster, with exclusive home video footage.

Lovins on the Soft Path
Hunter and Amory Lovins make the case for energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Contrast of styles in performing Bach's most joyous work.

Masterclass with Menuhin
Extraordinary meeting between two prodigies of the violin.

Midwives...Lullabies...and Mother Earth
Fascinating look at pioneering natural birth doctor, Michel Odent.

Mothers of Malappuram
Literacy and access to health services slow population growth in India.

A Moving Picture
Dance fantasy featuring the work of choreographer Ann Ditchburn.

Murrandoo Yanner in Australia
An aborigine leads the battle against multinationals for historic land rights and tradition.

Music for Wilderness Lake
A piece of "environmental music" written by Canadian composer, R. Murray Schafer.

The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People
Advanced seafaring culture lived in New England 7000 years ago.

The Nature of David Suzuki
Portrait of geneticist David Suzuki, host of "The Nature of Things."

Night and the imagination.

No Spare Parts
Ingenious recycling of used car parts in Ghana.

Norse America
Evidence that the Icelandic sagas were fact not fiction.

Not The Numbers Game
Six films from around the world on women solving the twin problems of population and development.

Not The Numbers Game (BBC Version)
The role of women in solving development and population problems worldwide.

On the Edge of the Forest
E.F. Schumacher makes a plea for ecological balance as he visits a virgin forest in Australia.

On the Way
Sex education project combats teenage pregnancy in Peru.

Our Planet Earth
Astronauts share their perspective on the earth

Our Vanishing Forests
The history and policies of the U.S. Forest Service.

Our Vanishing Forests (Short Version)
The history and policies of the U.S. Forest Service

Changing our present exploitative relationship with Earth to one of partnership.

Peacock's War
Moving portrait of legendary environmentalist and Vietnam vet, Doug Peacock.

Planet Neighborhood: Classroom Modules
Middle school science series on energy-efficiency and good design.

The Planets
A figure skating and modern dance fantasia.

Poison in the Rockies
Threats to water quality in the Colorado Rockies.

The Politicians
Politicians plunder the Amazon rainforest.

A Question of Rights
Looks at the state of women's human rights in Ethiopia, Latvia, Jamaica and Fiji.

The Rainforest
The ecology of a rainforest.

Ramiro Garcia in Peru
Social change is possible through the arts and humor.

Razvan Marcu in Romania
After Ceausescu, Razvan Marcu now fights for a clean environment.

Recycling with Worms
Composting garbage made easy with a worm bin.

Redwood Summer
Documents both sides in the summer of struggle between environmentalists vs. loggers and timber companies.

Rena Mcleod in Canada
An aboriginal mother fights for native justice.

Return from Extinction
The Panara return to their ancestral forest home.

The Rubber Tappers
Rubber tappers live sustainable lifestyle.

The Sandbox
A beautifully animated environmental tale.

Satie and Suzanne
Erik Satie's life and music captured in fanciful choreography. With Cirque du Soleil.

Schumann's Lost Romance
Cellist Steven Isserlis investigates the final years of Schumann's life.

Science For Survival
Fusion of modern science with women's knowledge in India.

The Science of Whales
The latest discoveries about whale behavior and communication and the grave danger posed by new U.S. Navy sonar technology.

Secrets of the Choco
The Choco rainforest in Colombia faces development. What is the best option?

Secrets of the Salt Marsh
An overview of salt marsh ecology.

Genetic diversity in the food supply.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
The darker side of the Green Revolution.

Shadows and Light
An intimate portrait of the remarkable Spanish composer, Rodrigo.

Shakuntala Kazmi in India
A low-caste Hindu, Shakuntala Kazmi fights for women's rights.

Funny animation re-works the Frankenstein legend to show how to overcome shyness.

Songbird Story
The decline of migratory songbirds.

Sowing for Need or Sowing for Greed?
The connection between multinational chemical companies and the foods they want us to eat.

Stop the World, We Want to Get On
Dramatic impact of civil rights organization for disabled people.

The Story of Eman
A Cairo girl's struggle to attain higher education.

The Story of Idrissa
Cultural values conflict with consumerism for a boy in Africa.

The Story of Pintinho
A young Brazilian athlete hopes soccer will be his ticket out of poverty.

The Story of Puttinan
A determined Thai girl has experienced the hardship of child labor.

The Story of Rosie
Teen pregnancy in Jamaica.

The Story of Sonam
A Tibetan boy in India tries to reconcile religious faith and cultural distractions.

Suspended Animation
Primeval shrimp eggs seem to be able to survive for millennia.

Teach a Woman How to Fish And...
Sea farming empowers women in Fiji.

Tectonic Plates
Adaptation-integration of the stage play by Robert Lepage.

Dramatic children's film about urbanization and family values in Ethiopia.

30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle
Photojournalist's personal odyssey through the streets of Seattle during the WTO meeting.

Tickle The Sky
Robert Fulghum shows us the joy of climbing trees.

Tina Machida in Zimbabwe
A young woman fights for the rights of gays and lesbians against the odds.

A classic energy film that reveals our underlying dependence on fossil fuels.

Tools for Research
A classic animal rights film that raises important questions about the use of animals in laboratories.

Tsuyoshi Inaba in Japan
Working to empower the homeless in Tokyo.

Native peoples pay the consequences of uranium mining.

Victor "Gotti" Cherry in New York
A former gang leader now works with troubled youth.

Voices of the Land
Our spiritual connection to the land, and how wilderness can heal the soul.

Wake Up, Freddy
One man's morning routine reveals the hidden energy costs of everyday life.

Surprising introduction to the many facets of our waste problem.

Water and the Human Spirit - Program One
Communities solving their own water problems.

Water and the Human Spirit - Program Two
Farmers and communities solving their own water problems.

Way of the Bear in Alaska
The latest information about the behavior of grizzlies.

Wetlands Technology
Artificial wetlands purify waste water.

Musical experiment with a choir, symphony orchestra, and three killer whales.

Whalesong (Short Version)
Musical experiment with a choir, symphony orchestra, and three killer whales.

Wheat Today, What Tomorrow?
The crisis in dryland farming, and some solutions.

The White Hole
Amusing animated film about our response to the toxic waste crisis.

A Woman's Place - Short Stories (on one DVD)
Six short films about women and development by local women directors.

A Woman's Place - Short Stories
Six short films about women and development by local women directors.

World Drums
250 of the world's greatest percussionists collaborate to perform World Drums.

World of Difference
Women and human rights around the world.

Yildiz Temürtürkan in Turkey
A human rights activist risks everything to protest police repression.

Young Wives' Tales
Very early marriage threatens young girls' health and survival.

Youth and the Future
Teens worldwide consider their futures. What impact will Western culture have?

Youth and the Global Village
How much do teens have in common worldwide?

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