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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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The Sacred Balance
Robert Lang
4-part series that celebrates the meeting of science and spirit.

Sacred Cod
Steve Liss, Andy Laub, David Abel
Captures the collapse of the historic cod population in New England, delving into the effects of overfishing, climate change and government policies on fishermen and the fish.

The Salmon Forest
Caroline Underwood
Reveals the fragile connection between salmon, bears, trees, and people in the NW rainforest.

The Same River Twice
Robb Moss
The evolution of a group of river guides from the late 70s to today.

The Sandbox
JoDee Samuelson
A beautifully animated environmental tale.

Sap Sucking Hoppers
Susan Fleming
The astronauts of the garden.

Atom Egoyan
Feature film maker Atom Egoyan weaves a tale inspired by Bach's 4th Cello Suite.

Satie and Suzanne
Tim Southam
Erik Satie's life and music captured in fanciful choreography. With Cirque du Soleil.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns
Dirk Eitzen
Examines the causes and effects of -- and then remedies for -- suburban sprawl.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns (Classroom Version)
Dirk Eitzen
Examines the causes and effects of -- and then remedies for -- suburban sprawl.

Saving Minds
Catherine Mullins
Two people attempt to reclaim their lives after long struggles with mental illness, while a group of leading professionals rethinks the current drug-based model of psychiatric care.

Saving Sunshine
Winnie Hoskyns-Abrahall, Bill Hennessy
In plain language, master electrician and solar installer Bruce Hankins explains AC coupling, the combining of a grid-tied solar electric installation with an off-grid battery backup system.

Scent of the Streets
Remi Vaughan-Richards
Nigeria has had some success in getting more women into government and business. But what about in the crowded and often violent slums of Lagos?

School's Out
Lisa Molomot
A year in the life of a forest kindergarten in Switzerland where being outdoors and unstructured play are the main components.

School's Out!
Dick Bower
The private school option in a Lagos shantytown.

Schumann's Lost Romance
Steve Ruggi
Cellist Steven Isserlis investigates the final years of Schumann's life.

Science For Survival
Ani King-Underwood
Fusion of modern science with women's knowledge in India.

The Science of Whales
Bo Boudart
The latest discoveries about whale behavior and communication and the grave danger posed by new U.S. Navy sonar technology.

A Sea Change (Short Version)
Barbara Ettinger
Ocean acidification threatens over one million species with extinction--and with them, our entire way of life.

A Sea Change
Barbara Ettinger
Ocean acidification threatens over one million species with extinction--and with them, our entire way of life.

The Search for General Tso
Ian Cheney
A quest to understand the origins of this ubiquitous, spicy red chicken dish and to explore the history of Chinese-American food.

Seats At The Table
Chris Farina
Portrays a remarkable college class which connects university students with incarcerated students discussing Russian literature at a maximum security juvenile facility.

The Seattle Syndrome
Steve Bradshaw
Were the WTO protesters right in their effort to protect workers and the environment from exploitation?

Peter Galison and Robb Moss
A brilliant visual essay about the costs, benefits and history of the vast, invisible world of government secrecy.

The Secret Life of Your Clothes
Andy Wells
The revealing story of what happens to the mountain of clothes--castoffs in today's world of fast fashion--that are donated to charity. Few make it to your local charity thrift store.

The Secret World of Gardens
Susan Fleming
13-part series providing a close-up look at the complex ecosystem that is the backyard garden.

Secrets of Silicon Valley
Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
Shocking exposé of the hidden downsides of the Internet revolution.

Secrets of the Choco
Ian McLaren
The Choco rainforest in Colombia faces development. What is the best option?

Secrets of the Salt Marsh
Natural Art Films for The Wetlands Institute
An overview of salt marsh ecology.

Robert Lang
Genetic diversity in the food supply.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
Manjira Datta
The darker side of the Green Revolution.

Seeing is Believing
Christopher Walker
Zambia begins a nationwide program to deliver Vitamin A to its population.

Semper Fi
Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon
Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger reveals the Marine Corps' cover-up at Camp Lejeune of one of the largest water contamination incidents in US history.

A Sense of Wonder
Christopher Monger
Rachel Carson's love for the natural world and her fight to defend it.

The Sequel
Peter Armstrong
Daringly re-imagines a thriving, resilient civilization after the collapse of our current economies, drawing on the inspirational work of David Fleming, grandfather of the global Transition Towns movement.

Sex and the Holy City
Chris Woods for BBC's "Panorama" Series
Investigates the impact on poor women and families of the late Pope John Paul's position on sex and reproductive health.

The Shadow of Gold
Denis Delestrac, Robert Lang, Sally Blake
An unflinching look at how the world's favorite heavy metal is extracted from the earth.

Shadows and Light
Larry Weinstein
An intimate portrait of the remarkable Spanish composer, Rodrigo.

Shadows of Liberty
Jean-Philippe Tremblay
Uses shocking examples of cover-ups and censorship by the US media to show how a few mega corporations exercise control over the content of our news.

Shakuntala Kazmi in India
Luc Côté
A low-caste Hindu, Shakuntala Kazmi fights for women's rights.

The Shaman's Apprentice
Miranda Smith
Ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin's quest to preserve the ancient wisdom of Amazonian shamans.

Shattered Sky
Steve Dorst, Dan Evans
The story of how America led the world to solve the ozone crisis. Will we dare to do the same with climate change?

Shift Change
Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin
Investigates employee-owned businesses that provide secure, dignified jobs in democratic workplaces even in today's economic crisis.

The Shoreline Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
Howard E. Green
Coastal erosion and our mostly futile efforts to hold the ocean at bay.

The National Film Board of Canada
Nonverbal animated series explores conflict resolution.

Les Drew
Funny animation re-works the Frankenstein legend to show how to overcome shyness.

A Sidewalk Astronomer (Short Version)
Jeffrey Jacobs
John Dobson has revolutionized astronomy and helped thousands to look in wonder at their own universe.

A Sidewalk Astronomer
Jeffrey Jacobs
John Dobson and his simple telescope mount have revolutionized astronomy.

The Significance of Salmon
Sharon Howard and Mike Rosen
Salmon and people both need clean water to survive. Can we make the connection?

The Silent Crisis
Amanda Felton
The Central African Republic struggles to avoid economic and social chaos.

Silent Killer
Hana Jindrova and John de Graaf
Highlights promising attempts in Africa, and in South and Central America, to end world hunger.

Silent Sentinels
Richard Smith
Was the unprecedented mass coral bleaching in 1998 proof of global warming?

A Silent Transformation
Powerline Films
The transformative power of the co-operative enterprise model, illustrated with many inspirational examples.

Silicon Savannah
Toni Kamau
In Kenya can Muniu build a Life App to help William be as good a farmer as he can be?

Silk Ceiling, Part 1
Arjun Pandey
Ritu Bhardawaj is an Indian TV reporter who has broken through the silk ceiling which narrows the prospects for so many women in the Asia Pacific region.

Silk Ceiling, Part 2
Arjun Pandey
Indian TV journalist Ritu Bhardawaj goes to Bihar to investigate the invisible barrier that confronts so many Asian women.

The Silver Age
Charlotte Metcalf
Growing population of elderly worldwide seeks purpose and care.

Sir! No Sir!
David Zeiger
The untold story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam.

Six Gestures
Patricia Rozema
Torvill and Dean interpret Bach's Suite No. 6.

63 Boycott
Gordon Quinn
Connects the massive 1963 Chicago Public Schools boycott to contemporary issues around race, education, school closings, and youth activism.

Slum Futures
Alex Gabbay and Subina Shrestha
The slums of Mumbai are an important microcosm of how slums are developing around the world.

Smack City
Adrian Cowell with WGBH/Frontline
Hong Kong, the drug capital of southeast Asia for the last century.

Kamron Gunatilaka
The struggle for greater democracy and free speech in Thailand.

Snowballs and Sandcastles
Bill Maylone
Summer and winter hold different joys for kids.

A Snowmobile For George
Todd Darling
A rambunctious road trip reveals the toll that environmental deregulation has had on the lives of ordinary people, including the effects of fracking for natural gas.

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories
Jon Bowermaster
Investigates how the exploitation of Southern Louisiana's abundant natural resources compromised the resiliency of its ecology and culture, multiplying the devastating impact of the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina.

Soldiers of Conscience
Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan
To kill or not to kill? For some the war is within.

Songbird Story
Laura Heller
The decline of migratory songbirds.

The Sorceress
Barbara Willis Sweete
Part baroque opera, part rock video--A performance fantasy with an edge.

Sorie K and the MDGs
Alex Gabbay
Blind musician, Sorie Kondi, from Sierra Leone looks at what's happening with girls' education in his country 10 years after civil war.

The Sound of the Carceri
François Girard
Yo-Yo Ma performs Bach in a virtual prison designed by Piranesi.

Doug Hawes-Davis
Examines logging in the southeastern US and the controversy over chip mills.

Sowing for Need or Sowing for Greed?
Judith Bourque and Peter Gunnarson
The connection between multinational chemical companies and the foods they want us to eat.

Sowing Seeds of Hunger
James Heer
The AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has crippled the agricultural community while forcing children to undertake the responsibilities of farming.

Split Estate
Debra Anderson
Documents the devastating effect that fracking for natural gas and oil is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West.

Susan Fleming
What are these chipmunks and squirrels doing in the garden?

Srebrenica - Looking For Justice
Amanda Felton
Examines the massacre at Srebrenica on its 10th anniversary.

Standing on Sacred Ground
Christopher McLeod
In this 4-part series, indigenous people from eight different cultures stand up for their traditional sacred lands in defense of cultural survival, human rights and the environment.

Stay or Go?
Alex Gabbay
Who will grow China's food as young people leave the countryside for the cities?

Staying Alive!
Subina Shrestha & Alex Gabbay
Poverty combined with lack of education and health services affect maternal mortality rates in Bangladesh.

Stealing a Nation
John Pilger and Christopher Martin
Award-winning reporter John Pilger exposes how the British Government expelled the population of a group of islands, including Diego Garcia, so the US could build a military base.

Stephanie, Erdo and Kay-Kay
Bruno Sorrentino
Revisits three children in the United States, Kenya, and China, who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives.

Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty
John de Graaf
The life and legacy of unsung hero Stewart Udall, one of America's most effective environmentalists in his role as Secretary of the Interior protecting our shared natural heritage and beauty.

Still Waters
Peter Gordon
In his tiny, one-room, after hours, free school in Brooklyn, Stephen Haff teaches forty Latinx kids reading, creative writing and Latin.

Stop the Traffick
Emily Marlow
Investigates horror of child sex industry in Cambodia.

Stop the World, We Want to Get On
Judy Jackson, Alma Productions
Dramatic impact of civil rights organization for disabled people.

Store Wars
Micha X. Peled, Teddy Bear Films
Looks at the impact on a small town when Wal-Mart plans to build a mega-store there.

Stormy Weather
Larry Weinstein
Some of today's most original recording artists perform the work of famed composer Harold Arlen.

The Story of Eman
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
A Cairo girl's struggle to attain higher education.

The Story of Idrissa
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
Cultural values conflict with consumerism for a boy in Africa.

The Story of Pintinho
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
A young Brazilian athlete hopes soccer will be his ticket out of poverty.

The Story of Puttinan
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
A determined Thai girl has experienced the hardship of child labor.

The Story of Rosie
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
Teen pregnancy in Jamaica.

The Story of Sonam
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
A Tibetan boy in India tries to reconcile religious faith and cultural distractions.

The Storytelling Class
John Paskievich and John Whiteway
An after-school storytelling project in a diverse, but divided, city school breaks cultural boundaries and creates community.

Stray Dog
Debra Granik
Oscar-nominated filmmaker Debra Granik ("Winter's Bone") returns to SW Missouri for her first documentary, looking at the life of Vietnam vet, Ron "Stray Dog" Hall, and shattering some stereotypes.

Street Fight
Marshall Curry
Tells the gripping story of the race for mayor of Newark, N.J., where elections are won and lost in the streets.

Struggle for Hope
Niv Fichman
Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando interprets Bach.

Subdivide and Conquer
Jeff Gersh and Chelsea Congdon
Suburban sprawl: causes and remedies.

Subdivide and Conquer (Short Version)
Jeff Gersh and Chelsea Congdon
Suburban sprawl -- causes and remedies.

The Summit
Steve Bradshaw
The UN General Assembly meets to review progress on social justice worldwide.

The Sun Dagger (Short Version)
Albert Ihde
The astonishing discovery of an ancient celestial calendar in Chaco Canyon, NM.

The Sun Dagger
Albert Ihde
The astonishing discovery of an ancient celestial calendar in Chaco Canyon, NM.

Sun Kissed
Maya Stark and Adi Lavy
One gene exposes a nation's dark past. A Navajo couple with two children born with an extremely rare genetic disorder investigate the cause of the outbreak.

Boyce Richardson
Multinational companies seldom take the needs of people or the environment into account.

Suspended Animation
Günther Bludszuweit and Ilona Riehl
Primeval shrimp eggs seem to be able to survive for millennia.

Suspended Dreams
Mai Masri and Jean Camoun
The lasting effects of the civil war in Lebanon.

Suspino: A Cry for Roma
Gillian Darling Kovanic
An unflinching look at the persecution of Europe's largest minority, the Roma or 'gypsies'.

Suspino: A Cry for Roma (Short Version)
Gillian Darling Kovanic
An unflinching look at the persecution of Europe's largest minority, the Roma or 'gypsies'.

The Suzuki Diaries: Future City
Hadlee Obodiac
David and Sarika Suzuki explore urban innovations leading toward sustainability.

The Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action
Kenton Vaughan
David Suzuki and daughter Sarika travel to Europe to visit inspiring people and projects that give hope for a sustainable future.

Swim for the River
Tom Weidlinger
The story of the Hudson, and the battle to save it, are told as Chris Swain swims the entire length of the river.

s-yéwyáw Awaken
Liz Marshall
Stories of hope and homecoming intersect as Indigenous multimedia changemakers learn and document the teachings of their Elders.

Symbiotic Earth
John Feldman
Explores the life and ideas of Lynn Margulis, a scientific rebel who challenged entrenched theories of evolution to present a new narrative: life evolves through collaboration.

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