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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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Can Condoms Kill?
Tony Stark for BBC's "Panorama" series
Investigates the Catholic Church's allegation in SEX AND THE HOLY CITY that condoms are unreliable and ineffective in preventing the transmission of HIV.

Can You Hear Us Now?
Jim Cricchi
Unravels the ways that years of minority rule by one party have reshaped democracy in Wisconsin, where voters are finding their lives increasingly irrelevant to state lawmakers.

The Canadian Brass
Barbara Willis Sweete
The kids of the Canadian Brass help create a unique Christmas pageant.

Capturing The Flag
Anne de Mare
Four friends travel to Cumberland County, NC — posterchild for voter suppression in 2016 — intent on proving that the big idea of American democracy can be defended by small acts of individual citizens.

The Car
Lisa Hardmeyer
Automobiles designed for recycling.

Carnival of Shadows
Barbara Willis Sweete
R. Murray Schafer's bizarre love story set in an old outdoor carnival.

Cash Flow Fever
James Heer
One in ten people on the planet either send or receive money from abroad.

Castro Or Quit?
Chris Woods
Two young doctors in Venezuela have to decide whether to leave the country or stay with their patients.

Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise
Jennifer Townsend
Explores the same women's and men's reactions to the groundbreaking film, THELMA & LOUISE, 25 years ago and today.

Caught in the Crossfire
'Atu Emberson-Bain
Economic and societal pressures force women into the sex trade.

Cell Animation
Nick Hilligoss
You can escape in nature.

Celling Your Soul
Joni Siani
An examination of our love/hate relationships with our digital devices from the first digitally socialized generation, and what we can do about it.

Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann
Steve Ruggi
Steven Isserlis performs one of Schumann's greatest works.

Celso Magumbe in Mozambique
Patricio Henriquez
A deaf man fights for the rights of the hearing impaired.

The Changing Sea
Erna Buffie
Decodes the signals that the ocean is sending us. Is the ocean's chemistry being compromised by increased acidity, less oxygen and warming temperatures?

Chasing Water
Pete McBride
Breathtaking photography tells the story of the Colorado River, which flowed to the sea for 6 million years and now dries up 90 miles short of the Sea of Cortez.

Cheat Neutral
Beth Stratford
Satirical look at the inadequacies of the concept of carbon offsetting.

Cheated of Childhood
Emily Marlow
The International Labor Organization tries to rescue and rehabilitate the street children of St. Petersburg.

Cheshire, Ohio
Eve Morgenstern
Follows a community devastated by coal, starting with American Electric Power's buyout and bulldozing of this Ohio River town, after exposing them to years of harmful emissions.

Children of the Long-Beaked Bird
Peter Davis and Swedish Television
Portrait of a modern Native American family that erases old stereotypes.

China Blue
Micha X. Peled
A clandestinely shot, deep-access account of how the clothes we buy are actually made.

Chávez Ravine
Jordan Mechner
Don Normark's haunting photographs bring back to life a Mexican American village razed in the 1950s to build Dodger Stadium.

Circle of Plenty
Bette Jean Bullert and John de Graaf
John Jeavons demonstrates biointensive agriculture as a way to alleviate world hunger.

Circuit Earth
Films of the Last Twenty Years
Shot throughout Philadelphia during the first Earth Week in 1970, the film features community groups, citizens and celebrities reflecting on the crisis facing the planet.

David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew
Is "sustainable cities" an oxymoron or can they be made to work?

The City Dark
Ian Cheney
The definitive story of light pollution and the disappearing stars.

City Life
Television Trust for the Environment
22-part series examining the effect of globalization on people and cities worldwide.

City Life
Steve Bradshaw
Explores Sao Paolo in introduction to series examining the effects of globalization on people and cities.

Gabriele Zamparini
Iraq's history -- from the 'cradle of civilization' to the first Gulf War and UN sanctions.

Cocaine Unwrapped
Rachel Seifert
Documents the devastating effects of the war on drugs and suggests realistic alternatives.

Code Black
Ryan McGarry
Unprecedented access to the ER at Los Angeles County Hospital provides a doctor's-eye view into the heart of our complex and overburdened healthcare system.

The Coffee-Go-Round
Joost de Haas
Many coffee-producing countries like Ethiopia are facing economic disaster even as the demand for coffee increases worldwide.

Collision Course
Television Trust for the Environment
Reviews the positive steps being taken in India and Brazil to confront the serious public health issue presented by traffic accidents.

The Collision Zone: Asia
Andrew Gregg
Examines the collision zone in Asia--from Indonesia's volcanoes at one end to the Himalayas at the other--which is in the process of forming the earth's next supercontinent.

The Colonists
Adrian Cowell
Colonists invading the rainforest.

Come Hell or High Water
Leah Mahan
When the graves of former slaves are bulldozed in Mississippi, a native son returns to protect the community they settled.

Coming Home
Robert Lang
Suzuki explores biophilia -- the innate, hereditary need of human beings to affiliate with nature.

Coming to Light
Anne Makepeace
An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.

Coming to Light (Short Version)
Anne Makepeace
An in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians.

The Coming War on China
John Pilger
John Pilger reveals that the United States and China, both nuclear-armed, may well be on the road to war. The film is both a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

Michael Sheridan
Micro-credit is transforming the lives of women in Bangladesh.

Community - Planet Neighborhood
John Ketcham
Community regeneration, energy-efficient design, and waste water treatment.

Community Animals
Heather MacAndrew and David Springbett
Leading thinkers explore community, work, time, values, and change.

Community by Design
Moira Simpson
Good design of houses and neighborhoods builds community.

Company Town
Deborah Kaufman, Alan Snitow
A grassroots movement challenges Citizens United, corporate power, and moguls of the "sharing economy" to stop gentrification and wrest back control of San Francisco's future.

Heather White, Lynn Zhang
The cost of our global addiction to devices is revealed in the struggle of a courageous Chinese activist helping young workers poisoned while making smartphones.

David Gluck
Composting without problems.

A Concerned Citizen
Bo Boudart
Marine toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott, who helped fishing communities hit by the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon spills, creates a civics course to help young activists become effective.

Concerto for the Earth
Bayley Silleck
A wordless celebration of nature and a history of mankind's attitude towards our environment.

Concierto de Aranjuez
Larry Weinstein
The story behind, and location of, Rodrigo's most famous work.

Bill Maylone
Making connections between living creatures and machines.

Connectivity Project
Rose Madrone
A 3-part series of short films examining the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world.

Judith Helfand
Judith Helfand's searing investigation into the politics of "disaster" by way of the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave.

The Cost of Living
Toni Strasburg
AIDS drugs unaffordable in developing countries.

Counting on Democracy
Danny Schechter
An examination of the fiasco in Florida in the context of the history of voting rights violations.

Cowboys, Indians, & Lawyers
Julia Dengel
The story of a pork-barrel project: a dam on the free-flowing Animas River in Colorado.

The Crabs, The Birds, The Bay
Mitchell Smith and David Givens
Migrating shorebirds feast on horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware Bay.

A Crack in the Mountain
Alastair Evans
Tells the story of the incredible, recently discovered, world's largest cave and the opportunity and challenges it presents to the small, impoverished Vietnamese community nearby.

A Crack in the Pavement
Jane Churchill and Gwynne Basen
2-part series on how greening school grounds improves not only the school, but the surrounding community.

Cracking Cancer
Judith Pyke
A clinical research trial at the Personalized OncoGenomics Program is changing the way scientists think about the future of cancer care.

Jeff McKay
Looks at the failure of our current sewage disposal system and presents alternatives.

Creatures of the Sun
Susan Trow
The ecology of the painted turtle.

Credit Where Credit is Due
Ashley Bruce
Micro-credit organization in Bangladesh provides loans to village poor.

A Crime on the Bayou
Nancy Buirski
A Black teenager is arrested for touching a white boy's arm! The unjustly arrested Black man and his young Jewish attorney take the case to the Supreme Court to fight for the right of all Americans to a fair trial.

Crips and Bloods: Made in America
Stacy Peralta
Chronicles the decades-long cycle of destruction and despair that defines modern gang culture in South LA.

Crisis Control
Emily Marlow
Ukraine's emerging HIV epidemic is contrasted with Africa's longstanding HIV/AIDS catastrophe.

Crossing the Stones
Jan Horne
An intimate biography of the Norwegian founder of deep ecology.

Sachi Cunningham, Vayabobo
Chronicles the gravity defying life of Bill Shannon, an internationally renowned artist, breakdancer and skate punk—on crutches.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution
Ray Burley
Two-part series examining Cuba's enormous experiment in sustainable development in the face of an economic crisis brought on by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution - Pt. 1
Ray Burley
Examines Cuba's response to the food crisis created by the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1989.

Cuba: The Accidental Revolution - Pt. 2
Ray Burley
In spite of the economic crisis and US embargo, the Cuban health system is an outstanding success story around the world.

Cull of the Wild
Vanessa Schulz
The argument for ending animal trapping for profit, recreation or wildlife management.

Cultivating Change
David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew
Garden tour that proves that growing food can be an avenue to social change.

Cultivating Kids
Melissa Young, Mark Dworkin
On South Whidbey Island, WA, a school farm shows that a garden can be a valuable addition to the curriculum while encouraging a healthy diet.

Cultivating Opportunity
Michael Sheridan
Hard-pressed farmers in the southeast US and in Mozambique find co-ops work.

The Cutting Edge
Irene Zikusoka and Charlotte Metcalf
Ugandan project attempts to change attitudes about female genital mutilation.

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