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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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Gaston Kaboré
Modern day fable on family values from Africa.

Racing To Zero
Christopher Beaver
Follows San Francisco's innovative efforts towards achieving zero waste, thereby dramatically reducing the city's carbon footprint.

Jan Cannon
Author Jim Merkel leads by example on the path to simple and sustainable living.

Rain in a Dry Land
Anne Makepeace
Two Somali Bantu families leave behind a legacy of slavery in Africa and find new homes in urban America.

Rain in a Dry Land (Short Version)
Anne Makepeace
Two Somali families find new homes in urban America.

The Rainforest
Adrian Cowell
The ecology of a rainforest.

Rainmakers - Series 1
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté, Adobe Productions
Six youth leaders from around the world are making a difference.

Rainmakers - Series 2
Robbie Hart and Luc Côté
The second series about youth leaders around the world making a difference.

Ramiro Garcia in Peru
Patricio Henriquez
Social change is possible through the arts and humor.

Larry Weinstein
Brilliant portrait of the composer's elusive life.

Ravel's Brain
Larry Weinstein
Evokes and explores Ravel's illness-plagued final years, when he was able to produce music but couldn't write it down.

Razing Appalachia
Sasha Waters
Explores the controversial issue of mountaintop removal mining by following a grassroots fight to stop the process in West Virginia.

Razvan Marcu in Romania
Robbie Hart
After Ceausescu, Razvan Marcu now fights for a clean environment.

Reaching Out to the Grassroots
Ashley Bruce
Education and community-driven development combat poverty in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The Real Leap Forward
John D. Liu
Reports on China's successful efforts to reduce poverty through sustainable development and targeted programs.

The Real Patch Adams
Judith Bourque
He's a doctor, a clown, and a social activist, who wants to change the health care system.

A Reckoning in Boston
James Rutenbeck
In prosperous and progressive Boston, what keeps the gap between rich and poor, white and Black, so glaringly wide?

Reclaim the Condom
Bert Sonnenschein
Trained advice columnist Sheila launches a campaign in Mozambique to promote condoms as sexy contraceptives - not weapons in the fight against HIV and disease.

Reclaiming Community
Moira Simpson
Communities in Toronto and Oakland take back and revitalize public spaces.

Recycling is Fun!
Stuart Perkin
Children discover their power to save the world.

Recycling with Worms
Joshua Green and Carlton Parfitt
Composting garbage made easy with a worm bin.

Redefining Prosperity
John de Graaf
The story of how a mining town recovered from its legacy of pollution and prospered by building community around the battle to save their beautiful river.

Redwood Summer
Stuart Rickey
Documents both sides in the summer of struggle between environmentalists vs. loggers and timber companies.

Reel to Real: Balancing Acts
Di Tatham
Explores the international movement for women's rights.

Reel to Real: Holding Our Ground
Di Tatham
International efforts to assure reproductive health and rights conflict with cultural realities in the Philippines, Latvia, Japan, and India.

Reflection: a walk with water
Emmett Brennan
Filmmaker Emmett Brennan walks the length of the Los Angeles aqueduct in search of a vision for humanity worth living for - what he discovers has everything to do with water.

Reframing Rio
tv/e (Television Trust for the Environment)
9-part series from the producers of LIFE looking at different aspects of the globalization issue and consisting of LIFE APPS(5 x 27 min), LOOTING THE PACIFIC (27 min) and ZERO TEN TWENTY (3 x 50 min).

Ben Achtenberg
Refugees, asylees and caregivers share their stories to help professionals and volunteers understand the needs of the more than a million survivors of torture rebuilding lives in the US.

Regenerating Life
John Feldman
How to cool the planet, feed the world, and live happily ever after.

Regopstaan's Dream
Chris Walker
Kalahari Bushmen fight to live on ancestral land in South Africa.

ReInventing The World
David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew
Three 50-minute programs on creating sustainable cities, food systems, and lifestyles.

ReInventing the World II
David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew
Two 50-minute videos that offer practical solutions to the big problems affecting all of us.

Rena Mcleod in Canada
Robbie Hart
An aboriginal mother fights for native justice.

Return from Extinction
Adrian Cowell
The Panara return to their ancestral forest home.

The Return of the Cuyahoga
Lawrence R. Hott and Diane Garey
The story of the death and rebirth of one of America's most emblematic waterways.

Return to Kandahar
Paul Jay and Nelofer Pazira
Post-war Afghanistan, as seen through the eyes of Nelofer Pazira, star of the movie "Kandahar," as she searches for her childhood friend.

Return to Srebrenica
Nick Davidson
Survivors of the massacre in Srebrenica struggle to heal their community and build a new future.

The Return
Kelly Duane de la Vega, Katie Galloway
After California's "Three Strikes" law was amended, thousands of lifers were suddenly freed, but re-entry presented problems for the lifers, their families and their communities.

Returning Dreams
Emily Marlow
In the aftermath of Liberia's civil war children are fighting to reclaim their futures and return home.

Revenge of the Electric Car
Chris Paine
Tells the story of the global resurgence of electric cars, following the race to be the first and the best, and to win the hearts and minds of the public around the world.

The Right to Choose
Charlotte Metcalf
Women are denied human rights in Ethiopia and northern Nigeria.

Rising Above
Heiny Srour
Vietnamese women build on experiences of war.

Rising Waters
Andrea Torrice
Shows that global warming is already hurting the Pacific Islands.

Risky Business
Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young
A discussion-starter on genetically engineered plants and animals.

The Road from Rio
Steve Bradshaw/Khalo Matabane
Questions the relevance and success of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

Roma Rights
Di Tatham
Breaking the cycle of Roma poverty and persecution.

Romeo and Juliet
Eric Weinthal
A video guide to this cautionary tale of teenage love.

Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
The plight of a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl, who becomes pregnant as the result of a rape, triggers a battle over whose life has precedence.

Rough Science
Sarah Topalian and David Shulman
10-part series in which five scientists on a tropical island cooperate to solve a series of scientific challenges using only their knowledge, ingenuity, and whatever is at hand.

Rough Science DVD Disc 1
Sarah Topalian and David Shulman
Episodes 101-103 of the entertaining science series.

Rough Science DVD Disc 2
Sarah Topalian and David Shulman
Episodes 104-106 of the entertaining science series.

Rough Science DVD Disc 3
David Shulman
Episodes 107-110 of the entertaining science series. All shot on the island of Capraia in the Mediterranean.

The Rubber Tappers
Adrian Cowell
Rubber tappers live sustainable lifestyle.

Rule of Law
Dan Iacovella
A newly-disabled outlaw and country lawyer in Tennessee lead a class action lawsuit that affects the rights of 55 million people.

Bill Gallagher
Examines Guor Mading Maker's difficult yet triumphant journey from refugee to world-renowned athlete.

Running On Empty
Television Trust for the Environment
Highlights the plight of two young mothers - one in South Wales and the other in Northern Ethiopia.

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