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is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

  Climate Change
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  Life Science
  Political Science
  Performing Arts
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La Camioneta
Mark Kendall
The transformation of an old American school bus into a brightly-colored public bus in Guatemala speaks volumes about our globalized world.

Land of Widows
Yim Chandavy and Amanda Rudman
Population and health problems in post civil war Cambodia.

The Lanza Sessions
David Mortin and Patricia Fogliato
Celebrates opera singer, Mario Lanza, and his music.

The Last Child
Scott Thigpen
Tells the behind-the-scenes story of the global campaign to eradicate polio.

The Last of the Hiding Tribes
Adrian Cowell
The Amazon's last uncontacted tribes face extinction.

Le Dortoir
François Girard
Brilliant film adaptation of the highly acclaimed dance drama.

The Legacy of Malthus
Deepa Dhanraj
Argues that overpopulation is not the real cause of poverty in India or elsewhere.

Let Them Eat Dirt:
Rivkah Beth Medow, Brad Marshland
Looks at the role microbes play in the development, physical and mental health of our children, and argues that good health may begin with kids playing in the dirt.

Let's Make Money
Erwin Wagenhofer
Erwin Wagenhofer's incredible odyssey tracking our money through the worldwide finance system.

Letters from our Lives
Judy Jackson
Disabled women write open letters to the world about their plight.

Television Trust for the Environment
30-part series that looks at the effect of globalization on individuals and communities around the world.

Life 3
Television Trust for the Environment
A 12-part series about Globalization and its effect on ordinary people and communities around the world.

Life 4
Television Trust for the Environment
A 27-part series about global efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Life 5
Television Trust for the Environment
A new 13-part series about globalization and the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Life 6
Television Trust for the Environment
An 11-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face as their countries struggle to meet the UN's MDGs.

Life 8
Television Trust for the Environment
A new 16-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face.

A Life Among Whales
Bill Haney
A fascinating exploration into the life and work of whale biologist and activist Roger Payne.

Life and Debt
Octavio Bezerra
Economics and the murder of street children in Rio de Janeiro.

Life Apps
tv/e (Television Trust for the Environment)
5-part series in which tech-savvy young adults from around the globe create mobile apps for a better, more sustainable world.

Life Cycles
Robert J. Long
Life is a property of Earth.

Life In A Lawn
David New
Paradise is a well-tended lawn.

Life in the Vegetable Garden
Susan Fleming
Many mouths to feed, and clever ways to avoid becoming a meal.

Life: The Story So Far
Steve Bradshaw
How the globalized world economy affects ordinary people.

Like Any Other Kid
Victoria Mills
Follows the intimate relationships between incarcerated youth and staff who use love and structure to guide and teach youth offenders how to take responsibility for themselves.

The Lincoln School Story
Andrea Torrice
The 1954 fight for school desegregation led by a handful of Ohio mothers and children.

Lines in the Dust
Lucinda Broadbent
In revolutionary programs in Northern Ghana and India, gender roles are challenged, and illiterate adults educated.

Listen to the Kids!
Di Tatham
A UNICEF initiative involves children in decisions that affect their own futures, their families and communities.

Livable Landscapes
Melissa Paly
How growth and sprawl affect the quality of life in New England, and some possible solutions.

Living the Good Life
John Hoskyns-Abrahall
A portrait of the daily life of America's most famous back-to-the-landers.

Living Things We Love to Hate
David Springbett
Light-heartedly replaces our revulsion towards certain creatures with ecological understanding.

Living Under the Cloud
Teresa Metcalf
A sobering look at the Chernobyl disaster, with exclusive home video footage.

Llamado Para La Madre Tierra
Joseph Di Gangi, PhD, and Amon Giebel
Toxic chemicals are the greatest threat to the survival of indigenous peoples.

Lobster War
David Abel
Climate-changed ocean temperatures shift New England's lobster fishery across national boundaries, sparking international tension.

The Long March
John D. Liu
Community in Chengdu, China has organized to clean-up polluted river.

The Long Walk To Freedom
Tom Weidlinger
A story of 12 ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things in the Civil Rights movement.

Look Again
Bill Maylone
Six films without words for elementary science, language arts and critical thinking.

Look Who's Talking...
Ray Burley
New research into animal communication challenges our assumptions.

Looking For My Gypsy Roots
Television Trust for the Environment
Hungarian film director Arpád faces a dilemma - should he track down his Roma father?

Looting the Pacific
Bill Treharne Jones, Steve Bradshaw
An ICIJ investigation reveals the secrets of the global fishing industry's last frontier and the fate of the jack mackerel.

Looting the Seas
Bruno Sorrentino
Investigates the looming collapse of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna stocks and the role EU policies have played in the crisis.

Lost Generations
Nupur Basu
Poor health and poverty condemn people in India to sub-standard lives.

A Lot in Common (Short Version)
Rick Bacigalupi
A community garden grows community as well as food, flowers and consciousness.

A Lot in Common
Rick Bacigalupi
A community garden grows community as well as food, flowers and consciousness.

Louisiana Water Stories
Jon Bowermaster
Hard-hitting 2-part series on the fragile state of Louisiana's wetlands making the coastline even more vulnerable to hurricanes like Katrina and explosions like Deepwater Horizon.

Love & Solidarity
Michael Honey
An exploration of nonviolence and organizing through the life and teachings of Rev. James Lawson.

Lovins on the Soft Path
George C. Lynde, Jr.
Hunter and Amory Lovins make the case for energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Lower Orders
Nick Hilligoss
A new and funny look at the food chain!

Mel Chionglo
A dramatic film about the cost of an oil spill to a fishing village in the Philippines.

Lunch Love Community
Helen De Michiel
Passion, creative energy and persistence come together when Berkeley advocates and educators tackle food reform and food justice in the schools and in the neighborhoods.

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