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Bullfrog Films

is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

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Di Tatham
Examines prospects for Vitamin A distribution programs in Guatemala and Ghana necessary for children's health.

David Belle and Nicholas Wrathall
Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

David Belle and Nicholas Wrathall
Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Abandoned (Short Version)
David Belle and Nicholas Wrathall
Exposé of the horrifying results of the 1996 immigration law.

Aboriginal Architecture
Paul M. Rickard
New structures in seven North American Native communities that reinterpret traditional forms for contemporary purposes.

An Act of Faith
Toni Strasburg
A group of health professionals tours the most deprived regions of South Africa providing care.

Addicted to Plastic
Ian Connacher
Reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions.

John de Graaf and Vivia Boe
Diagnoses the "disease" of materialism and prescribes its antidote, simple living.

After Silence
Lois Shelton
Examines the treatment of Japanese-Americans during WW II, and its relevance to post 9/11 America.

Ageing with Community
Annie O'Donoghue
The search for community and independence as we grow old.

Aiming High
Ashley Bruce
Focuses on Uganda's successful economic recovery in the wake of Idi Amin's regime.

The Air We Breathe
Jim Hamm
Connects asthma and other respiratory diseases with air pollution and suburban sprawl.

The Alarm Rings Softly
Judith Laird
Caribbean women use drama and reggae to fight domestic violence.

All Different, All Equal
Di Tatham
Examines progress in women's rights globally.

All In This Tea
Les Blank & Gina Leibrecht
Crusading American tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, supports China's endangered organic farmers by searching out fine, chemical-free teas.

All Mapped Out
Sarah Topalian and David Shulman
The Rough Scientists make a map, paper and ink, and a sound-recording device.

All Sorts of Animals
J.J. Johnson
Emily learns about snakes and camels, takes care of some kittens, and even swims with dolphins!

All the Right Stuff
Connie Littlefield
Teaches teenagers about media, malls, money, and consumerism.

The Amahs of Hong Kong
Anastasia Edwards
Filipino women exploited as maids in Hong Kong.

Amazing Art
J.J. Johnson
Daniel makes felt art, paints with watercolors, makes a self-portrait, draws a turtle, and makes a paper mache monster.

America's Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie
David O'Shields
Tells the story of one of the most astonishing alterations of nature, the North American tallgrass prairie.

American Outrage
George Gage and Beth Gage
Two elderly Western Shoshone sisters, the Danns, put up a heroic fight for their land rights and human rights.

The American Ruling Class
John Kirby
A dramatic, musical, documentary satire on class in America that attempts to answer the question 'Who rules America?'

Ana in the Rainforest
Laura Heller
An imaginary journey to a tropical rainforest.

Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World
Steve Cowan
The use of TEDs in shrimpers' nets would allow sea turtles to escape.

...and nothing but the truth
Gabriele Zamparini
Looks at the failure of the mainstream media to ask important questions and cover opposing points of view.

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
Christopher Laird and Anthony Hall
Television in the Caribbean dominated by US and French programs.

...and the pursuit of happiness
Gabriele Zamparini
The aftermath of 9/11: the war on terror, the Patriot Act, the looming Iraq war and massive peace demonstrations.

Andrea Bocelli
Larry Weinstein
Great Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sings against the backdrop of his beloved Tuscany.

J.J. Johnson
Daniel milks a cow, learns about raptors, feeds giraffes, trains puppies, and visits a farm.

Another World is Possible
Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young
A rousing account of the 2002 World Social Forum that will inspire activists everywhere.

David New
The amazing array of life an apple tree can lure into a garden.

Argentina: Hope in Hard Times
Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young
The Argentine people, in the face of economic collapse, provide a hopeful example for the rest of us.

Argentina: Turning Around
Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young
An intimate view of new models of work, politics and community development in Argentina.

Arid Lands
Grant Aaker and Josh Wallaert
A moving and complex essay on a unique landscape of the American West, the area around the Hanford Site in Washington State.

Arrows Against the Wind
Tracey Groome
The Dani and the Asmat come face to face with the modern world in Irian Jaya.

The Art of Being Human
Emily Squires
A remarkable artist who helps us see the humanity in others.

At the End of a Gun
Emily Marlow
The devastating effect that the civil war in Sri Lanka is having on women.

At the Farm
J.J. Johnson
Emily learns what cowgirls do, rides a tractor, learns about chickens, tends to the horses, and makes fresh goat cheese.

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