Bullfrog Films
38 minutes
Closed Captioned

Study Guide
Grades 4 - 8, Adult

Directed by Jane Churchill and Gwynne Basen
Produced by National Film Board of Canada

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US Release Date: 2001
Copyright Date: 2000
DVD ISBN: 0-7722-1224-4
VHS ISBN: 0-7722-1054-3

Children's Films
Earth Science
Outdoor Education
Urban Studies

Awards and Festivals
Reel to Real Family Film Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
A Crack in the Pavement

2-part series on how greening school grounds improves not only the school, but the surrounding community.

"A tremendous resource for school communities..." Stephanie Stowell, National Wildlife Federation

A Crack in the Pavement is a two-part video series that shows children, teachers and parents how, working together to green their school grounds, they can make positive changes in their communities.

The two titles in the series are:

Growing Dreams - An inspirational overview of school ground greening.

Digging In - Jesse Ketchum School greens their schoolyard.

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/crack.html

"A tremendous resource for school communities interested in transforming their schoolyards into havens for hands-on learning. The voices and stories of the students, teachers and communities' members involved in these projects will inspire all to see the opportunities that await just outside the classroom door."

Stephanie Stowell, Schoolyards Habitat Program Manager, National Wildlife Federation

"Colorful and energetic...Recommended. Both titles provide positive messages and solid information, and could be used with students ranging from kindergarten to high school. This series could also offer valuable viewing to community service organizations."
MC Journal

"Interspersed with witty cartoon graphics...serve(s) as a great way to introduce school ground naturalization to a club, class, staff, or parent group."
Green Teacher

"Sure to get kids thinking about similar schemes."