Preview Policy

Funded media buyers from US educational institutions can preview any Bullfrog DVD or video FREE before you buy. If you decide not to retain your preview, you pay only for return shipping charges and insurance. (Returned previews must be insured for $50 each.) The preview copy you will receive is of the whole film and the free preview privilege is intended to enable you to make an informed purchase decision about the film. The preview privilege is not available to renters, home video customers, or to those buying titles for under $90. Bullfrog Films reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time if we feel it is not being utilized in the manner for which it is intended.

Preview copies are almost always new copies, and customers who retain their previews save 10% off the purchase price. Simply contact Bullfrog to let us know of your purchase request so that we can bill you the appropriate amount. If the preview does not suit your needs, it must be returned.