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Bullfrog Films

is a leading source of educational DVDs & videos, with a collection of over 700 titles in these main subject areas:

  Climate Change
  Social Justice
  Developing World
  Indigenous Peoples
  Earth Science
  Life Science
  Political Science
  Performing Arts
  Women’s Studies
  Children’s Films
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This is Daniel Cook series 1

1. My Community - Part 1 - Daniel at the police station, at the fire station, at the market, building a sidewalk, and on a train.
2. My Community - Part 2 - Daniel at a street festival, at the doctor, at the dentist, at the zoo, and with the Earth Rangers.
3. Creating Food - Daniel makes chocolate, ice cream, a pie, cookies, and pizza.
4. Creating Art - Daniel at an art gallery, making plasticine art, painting giraffes, drawing dragons, and making a clay dragon.
5. Performing - Daniel learns about busking, clowning, doing magic, learning yo-yo tricks, and visits the Famous People Players.
6. Animals - Daniel milks a cow, learns about raptors, feeds giraffes, trains puppies, and visits a farm.
7. Science - Daniel makes paper, learns about electricity, visits a science center, learns about dinosaurs, and taking pictures.

8. Environment - Daniel learns about composting, visits a rainforest, learns about ponds, bee keeping, and hiking.
9. Language Arts - Daniel creates stories, visits the library, writes poetry, makes a book, and learns about the production of "This is Daniel Cook.
10. Sports - Daniel at a pool, rock climbing, learning Tae Kwon Do, lawn bowling, and skating.
11. Fitness/Movement - Daniel learns gymnastics, does ballet, learns to break dance, tap dance, and exercise.
12. Connecting with Our World - Part 1 - Daniel learns to bowl, plays the drums, goes horseback riding, canoeing, and flies a plane.
13. Connecting with Our World - Part II - Daniel goes on a tall ship, tastes new fruits, visits Medieval Times, learns about Egypt, and makes a gingerbread house.
This is Daniel Cook series 2

14. Winter Fun - Daniel visits a winter festival, learns the sport of curling, goes downhill skiing and tobogganing, and learns how to care for and control sled dogs.
15. Celebrations - Daniel carves a pumpkin, goes trick-or-treating, makes a valentine and an ornament, and decorates Easter eggs.
16. Special Things to Eat - Daniel tries new vegetables and makes maple syrup, a birthday cake, candy canes, and a yule log.
17. Special Things to Make - Daniel builds his own robot and makes a birdhouse, an animal totem, a puppet, and soap.
18. Interesting People, Interesting Jobs - Daniel gets an eye exam, learns about dog guides and yoga, visits a veterinarian, and helps a zookeeper.
19. Amazing Art - Daniel makes felt art, paints with watercolors, makes a self-portrait, draws a turtle, and makes a paper mache monster.
20. Water and Animals - Daniel sets up an aquarium, learns about fish and fishing, and goes whale watching.

21. Exploring and Discovering - Daniel learns about the desert, meets an elephant, goes on safari, and explores a cave and a beach.
22. Thrills and Chills Part 1 - Daniel goes go-carting, rides a rollercoaster, and visits a theme park, a water park, and a stunt show.
23. Thrills and Chills Part 2 - Daniel plays baseball, rides in a helicopter and a hot air balloon, digs for dinosaur bones, and goes on a camping trip.
24. Music - Daniel learns to conduct an orchestra, writes a song, sings jazz, visits a marching band, and learns to disco dance.
25. Nature, Science, and the Environment - Daniel visits a recycling plant, learns about butterflies, visits a waterfall, goes on an eco-adventure and studies rocks.
26. How Do They Do That? - Daniel learns how a road is built, creates stop motion animation, invents a toy, learns about visual effects, and tours an airport.

This is Emily Yeung

1. Getting Creative, Part I - Emily makes a variety of crafts including origami art, a clay sculpture, and a collage.
2. Getting Creative, Part II - In this episode Emily makes her own stuffed animal, builds a sand sculpture, and more.
3. All Sorts of Animals - Emily learns about snakes and camels, takes care of some kittens, and even swims with dolphins!
4. Great Canadian Wonders - Emily visits Quebec City, an amusement park, an ice hotel and a hot spring, and explores the Rocky Mountains.
5. Fit and Fun - Emily tries out a number of physical activities including basketball, soccer, skiing and snowboarding.
6. Great Times in All Kinds of Weather - Emily shows us all sorts of activities to keep busy in good or bad weather.
7. Creatures, Creations, Conservation - In this episode Emily explores a forest, learns about worms, tries some science experiments, visits an eco-house, and plants a tree.

8. A Few of My Favorite Things - Emily builds a treehouse, learns about rabbits and fireworks, plays dress-up, and goes ice fishing.
9. A Day in My Life - Emily learns about different jobs including a paramedic, a post office worker and an astronaut!
10. Let's Get Cookin' - Emily tries her hand at making a variety of delicious foods in the kitchen.
11. Sharing Multicultural Traditions - Emily learns karate, makes sushi and bubble tea, learns an African dance, and makes a medicine wheel.
12. At the Farm - Emily learns what cowgirls do, rides a tractor, learns about chickens, tends to the horses, and makes fresh goat cheese.
13. Putting on a Show - Emily puts on a puppet show, makes a mask, practices ballet dancing, and meets both Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group.
Holiday Special - Emily celebrates Christmas and learns about other holidays that people celebrate.

After making your selections,
click "ADD TO CART" button
to view your order.

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