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This is Emily Yeung Series
Getting Creative, Part I

Emily makes a variety of crafts including origami art, a clay sculpture, and a collage.

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Directed by J.J. Johnson
Produced by marblemedia / Sinking Ship Productions
Concept created by J.J. Johnson and Blair Powers
Producers: Mark J. W. Bishop, Matthew Hornburg, Matthew J. R. Bishop, J.J. Johnson, Blair Powers
Produced with the financial participation of Canadian Television Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and Ontario Film and Television Tax Credits
Produced in association with Treehouse

"Emily is a bright and engaging protagonist, and young viewers will delight in her diverse adult and child friends." Multicultural Review
In this new 13-part series, six-year-old Emily Yeung takes on the world with her own unique perspective. She's joined on her adventures by everyone from snake handlers to professional basketball players; from stuffed animal makers to pineapple upside-down cake bakers. Whoever her guest may be, inquisitive Emily is always up for a new experience or challenge.

Each segment is six minutes long and they have been aggregated thematically into 13 half-hour episodes, each with 5 separate segments.

There is a companion interactive website to enhance and further the Emily Yeung experience.

The five 6 minute segments in Getting Creative, Part I are:

1) THIS IS EMILY YEUNG BEADING - Emily Yeung visits a local beading store and chooses from hundreds of colorful beads to make a necklace. She even finds a unique cat bead.

2) THIS IS EMILY YEUNG MAKING ORIGAMI - Emily Yeung joins an origami artist to learn how to fold paper into different shapes. Emily makes a dolphin and a wearable paper helmet!

3) THIS IS EMILY YEUNG MAKING ANIMAL BALLOONS - Emily Yeung joins a balloon artist to learn how to twist balloons into different animal shapes. Emily rides a big balloon motorcycle.

4) THIS IS EMILY YEUNG MAKING A CLAY DOLPHIN - Emily Yeung visits a clay studio to make a dolphin plate - then she adds a shark, a mermaid and an octopus grabbing the mermaid's foot!

5) THIS IS EMILY YEUNG MAKING A COLLAGE - Emily Yeung joins a collage artist to learn how to use different materials to make a really cool collage of her favorite animal species - cats!

The other episodes are:

2. Getting Creative, Part II In this episode Emily makes her own stuffed animal, builds a sand sculpture, and more.

3. All Sorts of Animals Emily learns about snakes and camels, takes care of some kittens, and even swims with dolphins!

4. Great Canadian Wonders Emily visits Quebec City, an amusement park, an ice hotel and a hot spring, and explores the Rocky Mountains.

5. Fit and Fun Emily tries out a number of physical activities including basketball, soccer, skiing and snowboarding.

6. Great Times in All Kinds of Weather Emily shows us all sorts of activities to keep busy in good or bad weather.

7. Creatures, Creations, Conservation In this episode Emily explores a forest, learns about worms, tries some science experiments, and plants a tree.

8. A Few of My Favorite Things Emily builds a treehouse, learns about rabbits and fireworks, plays dress-up, and goes ice fishing.

9. A Day in My Life Emily learns about different jobs including being a paramedic, a post office worker and an astronaut!

10. Let's Get Cookin' Emily tries her hand at making a variety of delicious foods in the kitchen.

11. Sharing Multicultural Traditions Emily learns karate, makes sushi and bubble tea, learns an African dance, and makes a medicine wheel.

12. At the Farm Emily rides a tractor, tends to the horses, learns about chickens, becomes a cowgirl, and makes fresh cheese.

13. Putting on a Show Emily puts on a puppet show, makes a mask, practices ballet dancing, and meets both Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group.

Holiday Special Emily celebrates Christmas and learns about other holidays that people celebrate.

Grade Level: Pre-K-2
US Release Date: 2007     Copyright Date: 2006
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-710-8     VHS ISBN: 1-59458-709-4

"Young children and their parents will be drawn into Emily Yeung's inventive explorations in this lively episode about artistic endeavors. With genuine enthusiasm, Emily tries her hand at beading, origami, pottery, and balloon-making. Children will be stirred to create on their own with a variety of media and techniques. It is important to note that these are not 'how-to' or instructional segments, rather the focus is on Emily's experience with the process with less emphasis on the finished product. This will take the pressure off of young viewers who want to express themselves creatively. The adults who guide Emily through these events treat her seriously and validate her resourceful and imaginative efforts."
Dr. Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, Purdue University North Central

DVD $195
VHS $195
DVD $45
VHS $45
Reduced rates for activist and grassroots groups. Please inquire.

DVD Features
includes full accessibility through closed captions for the hard-of-hearing and verbal descriptions for those with visual problems.

Emily Yeung's interactive website

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Children's Stories: Live Action

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"Emily models enthusiasm and imagination as she dives into her hands-on art making experiences. The tools, techniques, and vocabulary are appropriate for young learners eager to explore beading, origami, balloon art, clay, and collages. Emily brings her own creative ideas to the table as she is guided by the adult expert."
Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad, Art Teacher, Dryden Elementary School

"Very well done and fun to watch. A great way to show ways people can become inspired, and can serve as inspiration for activities that children can do or try at home. Students would love to learn these things and do what Emily does."
Betsy Larson, Art Teacher, W.D. Richards Elementary School

"All films are of great quality and provide four accessibility options for the visual and hearing impaired...The programming is excellent and will appeal to young audiences to be used in any elementary classroom, media center, or public library."
Deidra Herring, The Ohio State University, Educational Media Reviews Online

"Emily is a bright and engaging protagonist, and young viewers will delight in her diverse adult and child friends. The filmmakers have created a warm and safe environment for this young child to grow and learn, one that serves [as] a model for children and their communities everywhere."
Multicultural Review

"Spontaneous...Emily asks a lot of questions and offers her own opinions. She is a charming, enthusiastic host whose sparkle is infectious and is always eager to embark on new adventures and be challenged. Viewers will be inspired to learn more about the subjects that Emily introduces and to try some of the physical and creative activities that are featured...Educational and lots of fun."
Wendy Woodfill, Hennepin Country Library, School Library Journal

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