Bullfrog Films
12 minutes
Study Guide
Grades Grades K-4

Produced by Stuart Perkin

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US Release Date: 1991
Copyright Date: 1991
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-532-6
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-365-9

Children's Films
Environmental Ethics

Awards and Festivals
Honorable Mention, American Film & Video Festival
Finalist, US Environmental Film Festival
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Recycling is Fun!

Children discover their power to save the world.

"Aptly visualizes the solid-waste crisis for young children." Booklist

Three captivating young children explore the three Rs of recycling -- reduce, recycle, reuse. To educate themselves, they visit a landfill, a recycling center, and their local supermarket to find out what they can do to help with our solid waste crisis.

At the landfill they see what the crisis looks (and smells) like, and what could be removed from the waste stream.

The recycling center lets them separate and prepare recyclables to replace raw materials (saving landfill space, energy and trees) and even pays them for some of the recyclables they collected.

Visiting the grocery store they have a treasure hunt, looking for new products made from, or packaged in, recycled paper or plastic containers.

They discover their own power to recycle and chose what they buy, for the benefit of their world.

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"Recommended for school media centers, where it will be well received by kindergarten and primary grade audiences."

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

"Students will enjoy the vicarious field trips and find the information simple, helpful, and fun to follow. Recommended."
Landers Film and Video Reviews

"Nice camera work aptly visualizes the solid-waste crisis for young children."