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54 minutes
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Grades 9-12, College, Adult

Directed by Adrian Cowell
Produced by Adrian Cowell, Nomad Films Ltd

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US Release Date: 1990
Copyright Date: 1990
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-333-1
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-032-3

Developing World
Forests and Rainforests
Latin America
Natural Resources

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The Decade of Destruction Series
Mountains of Gold

Gold mining in the Amazon is a dangerous and dirty business.

Brazil has one of the world's largest untapped gold reserves and roughly 70% of its production is mined by freelance prospectors, or garimpeiros, who pan and dredge gold all over the forest on land licensed by the government to huge companies. The film follows Jova, a prospector famous among his colleagues for his illegal gold strikes, as he plays hide and seek with the security forces of Brazil's largest mining multinational. The main threat to the company, however, is the huge mine of Serra Pelada which is manually operated by garimpeiros.

Other titles in the series are:

In the Ashes of the Forest - Part 1 - Saga of two colonists in the Amazon.

In the Ashes of the Forest - Part 2 - Concludes the Amazon colonists' saga.

Killing for Land - Land wars in the Amazon.

The Killing of Chico Mendes - The 1988 murder of Chico Mendes.

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