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Grades 6-12

Directed by Adrian Cowell
Produced by Adrian Cowell, Nomad Films Ltd

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US Release Date: 1991
Copyright Date: 1991
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-461-3
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-361-6

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Social Studies

The Decade of Destruction, Classroom Version Series
The Politicians

Politicians plunder the Amazon rainforest.

It was Brazil's politicians who saw the Amazon as the answer to their prayers. Here was the world's richest storehouse of raw materials and all over Brazil were millions of poor people who would come to help exploit it. The main obstacle was that the BR364 road was unpaved. So they went to the World Bank to finance the project. Jose Lutzenberger opposed it and took his fight to the U.S. Congress. He felt it was vital that provisions be made to protect the forests, Indians and rubber tappers. Eventually the World Bank was forced to admit their mistakes, but in the meantime hundreds of thousands of square miles of rainforest were burned. With the help of satellite photographs, the battle to save the world's richest store of biodiversity began.

Other titles in the series are:

The Rainforest - The mechanics of a rainforest.

The Colonists - Colonists invading the rainforest.

The Development Road - The road to rainforest destruction.

The Indians - The displaced Indian tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

The Rubber Tappers - Rubber tappers live sustainable lifestyle.

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"A sobering true story of human rapacity, The Decade of Destruction: The Indians is highly recommended for classroom viewing, along with the rest of The Decade of Destruction series: The Rainforest, The Colonists, The Development Road, The Rubber Tappers, and The Politicians."

The Midwest Book Review