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A Taste of Shakespeare Series

A video guide to Shakespeare's "tragedy of blood".

A printer-friendly version of this page 52 minutes
Closed Captioned

Directed by Eric Weinthal
Produced by Ada Craniford and Doug Craniford

"Where was this program when I was in high school?" The Globe and Mail
Like the other programs in the series, A TASTE OF SHAKESPEARE , the purpose of this video is to help modern audiences, especially students, identify with the universal themes evident in Shakespeare's plotline.

In this great "tragedy of blood", we are plunged into the life of a brave and loyal soldier whose loyalty is tested when it is prophesied that he will be king. Macbeth's greatest weakness may not be his ambition, but how easily he is swayed: first by the fortune-telling of witches, then the overpowering will of Lady Macbeth, and finally by his own tormented inner mind.

Inside this tense thriller, Shakespeare has also woven a heartbreaking story of a crumbling relationship; as tensions rise and lives are taken, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth find themselves driven apart.

There has never been a more heart-stopping thriller which is also a deep, accomplished character study. Here is a fresh and clear look at MACBETH, and the murky themes with which we are all still dealing.

Other titles in this ongoing series are:

Hamlet - A video guide to Shakespeare's most famous play.

The Merchant of Venice - A video guide to the play from Shylock's point of view.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - A video guide to the loveliest of Shakespeare's romantic comedies.

Romeo and Juliet - A video guide to this cautionary tale of teenage love.

King Lear - A video guide to one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.

Othello - A video guide to one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies, dealing with revenge and pride.

Grade Level: 10-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 2003     Copyright Date: 2003
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-165-7     VHS ISBN: 1-59458-024-3

"Where was this program when I was in high school?"
The Toronto Globe and Mail

"A TASTE OF SHAKESPEARE is the answer to a teacher's prayer. It serves a pressing need by introducing students to the plays of William Shakespeare in a way that makes each play accessible and compelling viewing. [Each program] maintains the language and key scenes of the play which are tied together by an intelligently crafted connecting summary. The result in each case is a thoroughly informative and entertaining overview of the key themes and motifs of each of the drama...the students' appetites for the whole play will be well wetted. Equally important, they will be able to undertake their study of the text with a clear understanding of its over-arching architecture and a real feel for its drama and language. This is unquestionably the most satisfying, authoritative and pedagogically useful video introduction to the...plays of William Shakespeare I have seen. This series is a superb achievement - a wonderful marriage of modern scholarship and media production."
Dr. John MacDonald, Professor of English Education, University of Toronto

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DVD Features
Teacher's Guide in PDF file on DVD-ROM portion of the disc.

Links (The producer's website)
Study guide

Awards and Festivals
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival

Critical Thinking
English Literature
Language Arts
Performing Arts

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A Dream In Hanoi
Two theater companies, one American, one Vietnamese, collaborate to produce A Midsummer Night's Dream in Hanoi.

Tectonic Plates
Adaptation-integration of the stage play by Robert Lepage.

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"Well suited for today's students, who have a hard time breaking through the language and action of Shakespeare to discover the modern-day meanings and overall themes that Shakespeare so wonderfully weaves into his dramas. Teachers of Shakespeare and/or historical drama would find these videos an excellent resource for introducing Shakespeare to their students. Highly Recommended."
Brad Eden, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas for Educational Media Reviews Online

"An artistic combination of stage play and film...provides students with an accessible portrayal of complex characters."
School Library Journal

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