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Inside Burma: Land of Fear (Home Video Version)
For Personal Use Only

John Pilger investigates the history and brutality of the military dictatorship in Burma.

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51 minutes
Directed by David Munro
Produced by Carlton UK
Reporter: John Pilger

INSIDE BURMA exposes the history and brutality of one of the world's most repressive regimes. Nearly the size of Texas, with a population of more than 40 million, Burma has rich natural resources probably unequaled in Asia. Yet Burma is also a secret country.

Isolated for the past 40 years, since a brutal military dictatorship seized power in Rangoon, this rich country has been relegated to one of the world's poorest, the assault on its people all but forgotten by the rest of the world.

Award-winning filmmakers John Pilger and David Munro go undercover to expose how the former British colony is ruled by a harsh, bloody and uncompromising military regime.

More than a million people have been forced from their homes and untold thousands killed, tortured and subjected to slavery.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, daughter of the assassinated independence leader Aung San, spent 6 years under house arrest. In 1990, her party, the National League for Democracy, won 82 percent of the parliamentary seats. The generals, shocked by an election result they never expected, threw 200 of the newly-elected MPs into prison. Suu Kyi's party has never been allowed to take elected office.

She warns that, far from liberalizing life in Burma, foreign investment and tourism can further entrench the military regime.

Grade Level: 10-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 1989     Copyright Date: 1986

"It is a compelling account of the tragedy of recent Burmese history and the heroic efforts of her citizens to overcome that tragedy. We recommend it highly for any collection that seeks to cover recent Burmese and Southeast Asian history."
News and Reviews, Asian Educational Media Service-Univ. of IL/Champaign

"Should be required viewing for anyone who claims to be concerned about human rights abuses - in China or anywhere else in the world. For the events in Burma in 1988 - and the dictatorial rule of Burma's military ever since - deserve at least as much attention as has been given to the Tiananmen crackdown and headline-capturing abuses in other parts of the world."

"Documents the widespread practices of child labor, forced labor, and slavery with graphic footage...The content, narration, and editing are all outstanding...Highly Recommended."
Lori Foulke, University of Illinois, MC Journal

"Pilger shows how big corporations, foreign investors, and naive tourists have been seduced into supporting an illegitimate regime...This thought-provoking documentary should be seen by policy makers and human rights advocates. Recommended."
Video Librarian

DVD $29.95
VHS $29.95

Inside Burma: Land of Fear (Home Video Version)

"A compelling account of the tragedy of recent Burmese history." News and Reviews, Asian Educational Media Service-Univ. of IL/Champaign

John Pilger's web site

Awards and Festivals
Gold Apple, National Educational Media Network Competition
Gold Award, WorldFest
EXEMPLARY: California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse
Best Factual Program, RTS Midlands Center Awards
Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
International Actual Award for Risk Journalism, Barcelona
Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

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"A welcome addition to an advanced high school or college classroom...should be admired for its honesty and determination."
Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution

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