Bullfrog Films
30 minutes
Closed Captioned

Grades Pre-K - Grade 2

Directed by J.J. Johnson
Produced by marblemedia / Sinking Ship Productions

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US Release Date: 2006
Copyright Date: 2005
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-573-3
VHS ISBN: 1-59458-572-5

Canadian Studies
Children's Films
Children's Stories: Live Action

This is Daniel Cook Series 2 Series
How Do They Do That?

Daniel learns how a road is built, creates stop motion animation, invents a toy, learns about visual effects, and tours an airport.

"A delightful collection!...appropriate topics nicely grouped and with distinct parallels to the primary curriculum." Sandi Zwaan, Educational Consultant

This series features seven-year old Daniel Cook. Well-mannered, inquisitive and intelligent Daniel explores the world around him through his own candid questions. Simple, pure, and honest, this is a series that allows children to view everything from Daniel's perspective, seeing what he sees and learning what he learns.

Each segment is six minutes long and they have been aggregated thematically into 13 half-hour episodes, each with 5 separate segments.

There is a companion interactive website to enhance and further the Daniel Cook experience.

The five 6 minute segments in How Do They Do That? are:

1) THIS IS DANIEL COOK BUILDING A ROAD - Daniel learns about all the different pieces of equipment that work together to make a road. Daniel watches as construction workers prep the area before bringing in the big vehicles to finish the job.

2) THIS IS DANIEL COOK CREATING STOP MOTION ANIMATION - Daniel meets a stop motion animator and learns how he slowly manipulates a piece of the clay to give the illusion that the clay is moving by itself. Daniel helps move his clay pieces and operate the camera to create his own animated story.

3) THIS IS DANIEL COOK INVENTING A TOY - Daniel learns how toys are made when he meets an actual toy inventor. Daniel has a few ideas of his own on what would make the perfect toy.

4) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING ABOUT VISUAL EFFECTS - Daniel learns how visual effects artists use computers and green screens to create all kinds of superhero effects for movies.

5) THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT THE AIRPORT - Daniel takes a guided tour through an airport and learns how many different people work together to make sure passengers take off safely and on time. Daniel inspects an airplane, welcomes passengers and even gets to ride the conveyor belt!

The other episodes are:

14. Winter Fun - Daniel visits a winter festival, learns the sport of curling, goes downhill skiing and tobogganing, and learns how to care for and control sled dogs.

15. Celebrations Daniel carves a pumpkin, goes trick-or-treating, makes a valentine and an ornament, and decorates Easter eggs.

16. Special Things To Eat - Daniel tries new vegetables and makes maple syrup, a birthday cake, candy canes, and a yule log.

17. Special Things To Make - Daniel builds his own robot and makes a birdhouse, an animal totem, a puppet, and soap.

18. Interesting People, Interesting Jobs - Daniel gets an eye exam, learns about dog guides and yoga, visits a veterinarian, and helps a zookeeper.

19. Amazing Art - Daniel makes felt art, paints with watercolors, makes a self-portrait, draws a turtle, and makes a paper mache monster.

20. Water and Animals - Daniel sets up an aquarium, learns about fish and fishing, and goes whale watching.

21. Exploring and Discovering - Daniel learns about the desert, meets an elephant, goes on safari, and explores a cave and a beach.

22. Thrills and Chills Pt. 1 - Daniel goes go-carting, rides a rollercoaster, and visits a theme park, a water park, and a stunt show.

23. Thrills and Chills Pt. 2 - Daniel plays baseball, rides in a helicopter and a hot air balloon, digs for dinosaur bones, and goes on a camping trip.

24. Music - Daniel learns to conduct an orchestra, writes a song, sings jazz, visits a marching band, and learns to disco dance.

25. Nature, Science, and the Environment - Daniel visits a recycling plant, learns about butterflies, visits a waterfall, goes on an eco-adventure and studies rocks.

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"What a delightful collection! It is a terrific variety of appropriate topics nicely grouped and with distinct parallels to the primary curriculum. Besides the value for children, I think the positive modeling of channeling the energy, focusing the interest and taking advantage of the curiosity is terrific! There is a lot for parents, caregivers, and teachers to learn from this series."

Sandi Zwaan, Educational Consultant

"[This is Daniel Cook] is a fun, entertaining, and quite interesting set of adventures... These videos are great for pre-K levels. Additionally, kids from fourth grade and under might find them somewhat intriguing. The ideal library niche for this set is a public library or early childhood learning center that might use them for both entertainment and inspiration."
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