Bullfrog Films
290 minutes
Grades General

Directed by Sarah Topalian and David Shulman
Produced by BBC and The Open University

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DVD ISBN: 1-56029-971-1
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-971-1

Critical Thinking
Earth Science
Life Science
Marine Biology
Natural Resources
Oceans and Coasts
Physical Science

Awards and Festivals
Gold Plaque, Chicago International Television Awards
A Series of 10 Programs on 3 DVDs Series
Rough Science (DVD Version) (Home Use Only)

The entertaining science 10-part science series on 3 DVDs

"ROUGH SCIENCE may be the most fun anyone ever had learning science." St. Louis Post Dispatch

Two physicists, a botanist, a biologist, and a chemist are transported to an isolated island where they must work together to solve a series of challenges. Removed from their laboratories full of high-tech instruments and extensive supplies, they must rely on their collective knowledge, ingenuity and cooperation to accomplish their goals. They are given three days to complete their tasks and, with the exception of a rudimentary tool kit, must use only indigenous materials to do so.

The series shows the underlying principles that the scientists draw from in order to solve the challenges. These include making anti-bacterial cream and sun-tan lotion, making paper and ink, distilling salt water, building a weather station and predicting the weather, charting the island and drawing an accurate scale map, and even making fireworks!

Throughout the series, the personable scientists show how science and math can be exciting, fun, and extremely useful!

DVD Version

Besides the greatly improved visual and audio qualities, the DVD series has the following special features:

* How the Rough Scientists solved the challenges.

* Background scientific information on the challenges.

* Chapterized by challenges.

* Interviews with the scientists.

* Relevant web sites and books for each challenge.

* pdf files for easy downloading.

The 3 DVD discs in this series are:

DISC 1 - 101. All Mapped Out 102. Bugs and Barometers 103. Time and Transmitter

DISC 2 - 104. Feel the Heat 105. Sun and Sea 106. The Science of Celebration

DISC 3 - 107. Mediterranean Mystery 108. Simmering Shutterbugs 109. Power Supplies 110. Sustenance on Sayonara - All shot on the island of Capraia in the Mediterranean

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/rsdvdh.html

"This entertaining series...succeeds in making science fun and accessible."

The Independent

"Thanks to a genuine sense of purpose and a refreshing lack of condescension, ['Rough Science'] works beautifully."
The Scotsman, Edinburgh