Bullfrog Films
47 minutes
SDH Captioned
Grades 10 - 12, College, Adults

Directed by Ted Remerowski
Produced by Tremer Productions

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US Release Date: 2013
Copyright Date: 2013
DVD ISBN: 1-93777-248-9

Business: Agriculture
Business Practices
Canadian Studies
Environmental Ethics
Food And Nutrition
Genetically Modified Foods
Global Issues
Labor and Work Issues
Natural Resources
Sustainable Agriculture
Toxic Chemicals

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American Conservation Film Festival
The New Green Giants

Examines the complex and controversial world of today's exploding organic food industry.

"An interesting, informed and informative, nuanced and balanced movie...Highly Recommended!" Gidon Eshel, Environmental Sciences, Bard College

The last ten years have seen a phenomenal explosion in the organic food movement as it has moved from niche market to mainstream. Today, it is the fastest growing segment of the food industry attracting all of the major food corporations. THE NEW GREEN GIANTS looks at a number of these new and old organic corporations and shows how they are managing, or in some cases, failing to live up to the idealistic dreams first espoused by the back-to-the land folk of the late sixties and early seventies.

The documentary also looks at some of the bigger questions surrounding organic food. Is it really healthier? Is it truly organic? Is it possible to grow from a mom-and-pop operation to become a huge supplier of major grocery chains? Is it actually sustainable? Is it realistic to think the world can be fed organically?

The program further examines everything from stealth ownership of organic product lines by large corporations to how organic strawberries have become the focus of a major health debate and how is it that today the world's largest processor of organic food is located in a remote province of China. THE NEW GREEN GIANTS reveals the complex and controversial world of today's organic food industry.

Among those featured are: Gary Hirshberg/Stonyfield Farms, Steve Demos/Silk, Michael Potter/Eden Foods, Maggie Brown/Swanton Berry Farm, George Siemon/Organic Valley, Arran Stephens/Nature's Path, Myra Goodman/Earthbound, and Dick Peixoto/Lakeside Organic.

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"The New Green Giants touches on the many reasons the organic industry is big business--and not always serving up what consumers expect from the label."

Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, Author of Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America

"An interesting, informed and informative, nuanced and balanced movie. The story of food production in general, and organic food in particular, is an often surprising tale. Telling it requires care, an open mind and attention to details...This documentary meets and exceeds these criteria...Keeps the viewer fascinated throughout. An excellent choice for any viewer interested in food and any middle school to college classroom. Highly recommended!"
Gidon Eshel, Departments of Physics and Environmental Sciences, Bard College, featured expert in Planeat

"The New Green Giants reveals the difficult ethical questions that organic producers must face if they are to produce on the scale required to take a significant slice of the conventional market. Glimpses of the backgrounds and personalities of the people behind the big organic brands help to make the film engaging viewing, while its educational value lies both in the images it conveys, and in the scientific studies it cites."
Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University, Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, Author, Animal Liberation and The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty

"The New Green Giants illustrates the dramatic change in the production of organic food...and provides a historical perspective of the change and the factors causing it. This documentary makes an important contribution to the debate about the way food is produced and should be viewed by both fans and critics of organic food."
Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Professor of Applied Economics, Cornell University, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Copenhagen University, Author, Seeds of Contention

"Thought-provoking...The film definitively examines the pitfalls and promise involved with today's organic farming, asking important questions such as: Is it proven healthier? Can mom-and-pop operations be suppliers for grocery chains of any size? Will it be sustainable?...Suitable for high school and college students as well as all adults, and libraries."
Susan Awe, University of New Mexico, Educational Media Reviews Online

"The videography is excellent...Raises some important issues regarding the resources and hazards involved with modern agriculture...Is certainly worthy of discussion for students, faculty and the general public who have interests in agriculture and the food industry."
Michael Campbell, The Pennsylvania State University, Science Books and Films

"Ideal for introductory anthropology classes focused on culture, economics, environment or food...Any of the issues introduced here invites students to dig deeper...Provides us with an opportunity for critical discussion and investigation perfect for classrooms."
Danielle Langworthy, Community College of Denver, Anthropology Review Database

"The organic food movement is complex and controversial. This classroom friendly film provides an excellent introduction for science, agriculture, and business students."
Patricia Ann Owens, Illinois Eastern Community College, School Library Journal

"This thought-provoking film takes a close look at the new organic food producers and asks whether they are living up to their claims. Recommended."
F. Gardner, Video Librarian