Bullfrog Films
90 minutes
Grades All Ages

Directed by David Taylor
Produced by York Films of England

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US Release Date: 1989
Copyright Date: 1988
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-827-9
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-014-5

Awards and Festivals
Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
Certificate of Recognition, Birmingham International Educational Film Festival
The Monk and the Honeybee
For Personal Use Only

Delightful portrait of beekeeper and breeder Brother Adam, father of the Buckfast bee.

"One of those rare and classic television jewels." Yorkshire Evening Post

This is a delightful biography of Brother Adam, a 90-year old Benedictine monk, who at the time was the world's greatest beemaster. He spent his lifetime trying to breed the perfect honeybee: a bee that was at once industrious, prolific, gentle, disease-resistant, and able to withstand cold winters. Brother Adam is considered the greatest monastic geneticist since Gregor Mendel.

From his cell in Buckfast Abbey, Devon, England, Brother Adam is seen directing an incredible global enterprise. He has scoured Europe, the Middle East and Africa in search of genetic material from which he has synthesized his world-famous Buckfast bee. The film culminates in an extraordinary expedition he makes to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya to find another strain with good genetic potential.

This program was filmed in rural England, the German Alps, Sweden, and the mountains of Tanzania.

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