Bullfrog Films
29 minutes
Study Guide
Grades P-6

Directed by Bill Maylone
Produced by The National Film Board of Canada

DVD Purchase $150, Rent $60
VHS Purchase $150, Rent $60

US Release Date: 1990
Copyright Date: 1989
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-783-3
VHS ISBN: 0-7722-0252-4

Bilingual Education
Children's Films
Children's Stories: Live Action
Critical Thinking
Elementary Science
Language Arts
Media Literacy

Look Again - Volume I (walls/conn/snow)

Three films without words for elementary science, language arts and critical thinking. Volume 1 includes "Between The Walls", "Connections", and "Snowballs and Sandcastles".

All children want to make sense of the world around them. These six films without dialogue build upon and develop children's natural interest in their surroundings. The beautiful images and thoughtful cinematography invite the viewer to share the wonder of two children as they investigate a variety of natural phenomena: the seasons, physical laws such as gravity, familiar living creatures, night, structures and their functions, and ecological relationships. They encourage students to look more carefully and to appreciate the fascinating complexity of their environment.

Please Note:

Each program in this series can be purchased separately at 150.00 each, or in 2 volumes containing 3 programs each (Vol. I & II) at $250.00 per volume.

The titles in the series are:

Between the Walls - One girl finds a clever way to remove a mouse.

Connections - Making connections between living creatures & machines.

Snowballs and Sandcastles -Children have fun in snow and sand.

Journey of the Blob - An illustration of the water cycle.

Topsy-Turvy - Explores magic in fantasy and the everyday world.

Night - Night and the imagination.

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