Bullfrog Films
51 minutes
Closed Captioned

Grades 8-12, College, Adult

Directed by Kenton Vaughan
Produced by Michael Allder and Gordon Henderson

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US Release Date: 2012
Copyright Date: 2010
DVD ISBN: 1-93777-229-2

African Studies
Earth Science
Oceans and Coasts
Plate Tectonics

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2012 Science Books & Films Best List
Geologic Journey II Series
Along the African Rift

Examines the East African Rift, Ethiopia's Afar Triangle, the Nile Valley and the Dead Sea Rift, places where the Earth's crust is ripping apart as molten rock pushes upwards.

"Vividly illustrates the dramatic processes of continental rifting and the birth of new oceans." Dr. Damian Nance, Professor of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, Editor, GSA Today

ALONG THE AFRICAN RIFT reveals how the Earth's crust is ripping apart as molten rock from deep within its recesses pushes upwards. For millions of years the East African Rift has been tearing the African plate in two.

Discover Ethiopia's Afar Triangle where the Earth is fundamentally re-ordering its surface, and journey to Egypt's Nile valley which has been a corridor of trade and a cradle of civilizations for centuries.

On the final leg of the trek, witness the tectonic violence of the Dead Sea Rift, a seismic threat that hangs over the area like a curse.

The other titles in the series are:

Tectonic Europe - Examines the Earth's surface under pressure, from Iceland to the Alps, landscapes that inspired scientists to invent the study of geology. .

The Pacific Rim: Americas - From the glaciers of Alaska to the Andes of Chile, the relentless subterranean forces that formed the eastern Pacific Rim have convulsed our cities and overshadow our future.

The Western Pacific Rim - Examines the western Pacific Rim, home to 50% of the world's active volcanoes, and 90% of its earthquakes.

The Collision Zone: Asia - Examines the collision zone in Asia--from Indonesia's volcanoes at one end to the Himalayas at the other--which is in the process of forming the earth's next supercontinent.

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"This spectacular geological journey along African plate boundary from the Great Rift of Kenya to the Dead Sea Rift of Jordan and Israel vividly illustrates the dramatic processes of continental rifting and the birth of new oceans. With an engaging storyline, the latest science and stunning cinematography, [Along the African Rift] highlights the creative forces of plate tectonics and its role in the ascent of our own species."

Dr. Damian Nance, Professor of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, Editor, GSA Today

"The photography is breathtaking and the science content is accurate...get ready to be amazed."
Coralee Smith, NSTA Recommends

"Insightful...Eyles is an energetic host...Picture and sound quality are top notch, vividly capturing the exotic locations...[Along the African Rift] does a great job of showcasing real-world examples of a geological theory that is sometimes difficult to explain."
Ryan Henry, Daviess Co. Public Library, School Library Journal

"The Western Pacific Rim and The Pacific Rim: Americas are excellent for civics and history classes. Throughout history, individuals and society have lived with natural hazards to garner natural resources. The modern construct of plate tectonics rationally explains the occurrence of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes on the Pacific Rim along with mineral and agricultural bounty, access to the ocean, and picturesque scenery. The interviews in the series clearly illustrate how informed people address this trade-off. Both titles in the series can spark excellent discussion about the hazards and benefits of living along active plate boundaries."
Dr. Norman Sleep, Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University, Author, Principles of Geophysics

"Blends the latest geologic findings with captivating cinematography, bringing the viewer on a worldwide tour of the tectonic forces that mold the surface of our planet...A heart-stopping adventure especially ideal for classroom viewing, or high school and public library DVD collections. Highly recommended."
The Midwest Book Review