Bullfrog Films
15 minutes
Study Guide
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Steve Cowan
Produced by Steve Cowan & Barry Schienberg for Habitat Media

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US Release Date: 2003
Copyright Date: 2002
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-027-8
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-983-5

Food And Nutrition
Global Issues
Life Science
Marine Biology
Oceans and Coasts
Technology and Society

Awards and Festivals
Far North Conservation Film Festival
Empty Oceans, Empty Nets (Short Version)

Examines the global marine fisheries crisis and the efforts to implement sustainable fishing practices.

"If every human who eats seafood were to view your film, the ocean would have a newly found respect from which we would all benefit." Monterey Bay Aquarium

"Many of the new changes that are happening in the oceans are a consequence of activities that people have always been engaged in. It's just a much greater rate and a faster scale. Nobody created these problems deliberately." - Dr. Jane Lubchenco, National Academy of Sciences

"Never before has a wake-up call from nature been so clear, never again will there be better opportunities to protect what remains of the ocean's living wealth." - Dr. Sylvia Earle, former Chief Scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Our oceans are not yet empty but the signs are not good. The seas have always been humanity's single largest source of protein, but for the first time in history this critical food supply is at risk in many areas. Despite an ever-intensifying fishing effort, the global catch appears to have reached its limit while the demand for seafood continues to grow.

Short Version: This greatly abbreviated version of Empty Oceans, Empty Nets was created for schools, aquariums and science centers where there isn't time to show the original 55-minute version. In 15-minutes the short version manages to examine the global fisheries crisis and the forces that continue to push many marine fish stocks toward commercial extinction. It also examines new market initiatives that give consumers a powerful vote in deciding how our oceans are fished.

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/eoen2.html

"The best short program we've used to help our guests grasp all of the issues surrounding the depletion of the world's commercial fish stock...It gives a succinct yet thorough overview of the fisheries crisis in a way that people understand and remember...We would strongly recommend it to other aquariums...It really does the job."

Sonja Tiegs, Conservation Program Coordinator, John G. Shedd Aquarium

"Without a doubt people are moved by this film and it is definitely influencing their purchasing power to make informed choices about seafood...The movie had an impact on all age groups. One elderly woman exiting the auditorium was heard to say, "
hat movie opened my eyes and made me want to close my mouth!"...Your movie successfully presented the issues and also offered solutions which are so often overlooked by the emotional content of conservation information."
Karin L. Wagner, Visitor Presentations Specialist, Monterey Bay Aquarium

"If you knew nothing about fishing, this would be an awesome introduction."
National Fisherman