Bullfrog Films
57 minutes
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Niv Fichman
Produced by Rhombus Media

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US Release Date: 1989
Copyright Date: 1987
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-542-3
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-097-8

Canadian Studies
Multicultural Studies
Performing Arts
Social Psychology

Awards and Festivals
Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival
Best Music Documentary, Canadian Music Council Awards
Honorable Mention, National Educational Film & Video Festival
Wine Country Film Festival
American Film Festival
Anthropos Film Festival
Jerusalem Film Festival
World Drums

250 of the world's greatest percussionists collaborate to perform World Drums.

"... Talk about shake, quake and quiver -- what a toe-tapping, body-writhing downright movie that really moves!" Cinema Canada

Vancouver's Expo '86 saw one of the most remarkable premieres in musical history, World Drums. World Drums was a collaboration of 250 of the world's greatest percussionists brought together to perform a new work by Canadian composer, John Wyre. Performers range from African tribal drummers to rock drummer Steve Gadd from New York; Gamelan orchestras from Indonesia to a military drum corps from England; Inuit elders from the Arctic Circle to a youthful Caribbean steel drum orchestra. John

Wyre forms the dramatic center of this whirlwind, masterminding and coordinating the massive undertaking.

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/drums.html

"This stunning film catalogues a truly marvelous over-realization of one man's dream... Artfully constructed to climb to a terrific climax... It's just one delicious treat following another, and the film takes on a 'Don't let it stop' magic about it...Talk about shake, quake and quiver -- what a toe-tapping, body-writhing downright movie that really moves!"

Cinema Canada

"A stunning explosion of rhythm... It proves that drums do make it possible to 'sound the pulse of the planet'... The sound can have the delicacy of a baby's breath -- or the strength of a thundering locomotive. It is the sound of global walls crashing down."

"A film that enlarges our appreciation and perception of not only drumming, but the power and energy that exists in an improvisational approach to music-making -- and life."
Anthropos Festival Program

"This is a visual feast as well as a musical one... Not only well-written and beautifully executed, it is downright uplifting... Fine entertainment for the public library... A bargain since the program can be used to support a variety of curricula, including social studies, performing arts, arts and crafts, and music. It is highly recommended for its overall excellence and its promotion of global citizenship."
***** Video Rating Guide for Libraries