Bullfrog Films
52 minutes
SDH Captioned
Grades 10 - 12, College Adults

Directed by Linda Booker, Blaire Johnson
Produced by Linda Booker

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US Release Date: 2014
Copyright Date: 2013
DVD ISBN: 1-94154-501-7

American Studies
Climate Change/Global Warming
Green Building
Natural Resources
Sustainable Agriculture

Awards and Festivals
Jury Award, Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Director's Choice Award, Best Environmental Film, Sedona International Film Festival
Best Environmental Documentary Award, Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film+Video Festival
Louisville International Festival of Film
Tallgrass Film Festival
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival
Maui Film Festival - FirstLight
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
Sonoma Film Festival
Transitions Film Festival
Fort Myers Film Festival
Cape Town Eco Film Festival
Oneota Film Festival
Green Festival
Portland EcoFilm Festival
Project Native Film Festival
Bringing It Home
Industrial Hemp, Healthy Houses, and a Greener Future for America

Extols the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while revealing the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. farmers.

"An extremely well done documentary with very good educational value...makes a strong case why we should start growing industrial hemp." Anil Netravali, Professor of Fiber Science, Cornell University

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Industrial Hemp is making headlines in American media with the recent Farm Bill amendment allowing hemp research crops in ten states. But why does Federal policy still classify and confuse this non-psychoactive plant with marijuana as a drug? BRINGING IT HOME tells the story of hemp's past, present and future through interviews with global hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs, archive images, animation and footage filmed in Europe and the United States.

The film features the designer of "America's First Hemp House" and his quest to find the healthiest building material available to construct a safe environment for his daughter with chemical sensitivities. He discovers non-toxic, carbon neutral hempcrete that is recyclable, pest-fire-mold-resistant and cuts energy bills in half. But the major drawback for U.S. builders is that the fiber for hempcrete must be imported. Current U.S. Federal policy does not distinguish hemp from its psychoactive plant cousin marijuana, despite a long history of hemp farming in America up until the 1940s.

BRINGING IT HOME follows the hemp trail to the U.K. where business owners, researchers, farmers and Kevin McCloud, TV host of Grand Designs, discuss industrial hemp use in their country. Also featured are interviews with CEOs of million dollar U.S. companies that are importing hemp for healthy, sustainable products, and those working for policy change at the state and federal levels. A lobbyist for the CA Narcotics Officers Association gives voice to the opposition.

BRINGING IT HOME makes the case for all the benefits of a misunderstood plant that will leave viewers wondering: why aren't we growing it here?

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/bring.html

"Bringing it Home offers a straightforward, balanced view of the key concepts about the industrial hemp plant, and dispels concerns about its links to the drug marijuana. The filmmakers clearly set out the thermal, environmental, financial, and health benefits that hempcrete brings, compared to conventional building materials. A range of other uses of hemp are explored, as are the benefits of hemp cultivation to farming, ecology and economies across the globe...The timing of this documentary is perfect; the USA currently lags behind the rest of the world by refusing to allow the cultivation of this remarkable plant...Bringing It Home is not just an informative film, but a very important one."

Alex Sparrow, Director of Hemp-LimeConstruct, Co-author of The Hempcrete Book: Designing and Building with Hemp-lime

"Bringing it Home exposes the viewer to industrial hemp production in other industrialized economies while educating them regarding the growing demand for hemp products at home in the US. After viewing the film one cannot help but become excited about the economic benefits the US would obtain by allowing the production of industrial hemp. Let's let people pull themselves up by their own hemp straps! "
Dr. Brian Strow, Associate Professor of Economics, Western Kentucky University

"With a growing number of states now allowing industrial hemp and the federal Farm Bill authorizing hemp research, Bringing It Home is one of the most valuable and compelling pieces of information out in the public eye that explains how important it is for America to return to the era of sustainable hemp cultivation to support our farms, enrich our economy and provide the necessities of food, clothing and housing for our children and their progeny. It might offer our best hope for saving both the environment and the economy. I highly recommend that everyone take the time to watch this video."
Chris Conrad, Author, Hemp: Lifeline to the Future and Hemp for Health, Founder, Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp

"In addition to benefiting community activists and economists, I believe this film could be used in an upper-level undergraduate sociology and/or criminal justice classroom. Specifically, this film would be a useful addition to a Drugs and Society or Deviance course as well as Environmental Sociology or Sociology of Health course."
Andrea Garber Krieg, Lewis University, Teaching Sociology

"A brilliantly executed documentary that weaves a touching narrative extolling the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while illuminating the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. farmers to tap into."
Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp, Executive Director of Hemp Industries Association

"Bringing it Home is comprehensive, full of information about hemp products and makes a strong case why we should start growing industrial hemp. This is an extremely well done documentary with very good educational value. I hope the government policy changes in the near future. If Europe and Canada can do (or control) it, there is no reason why US cannot."
Anil Netravali, Professor of Fiber Science, Cornell University

"As hosts to the first pilot hemp trial for soil bioremediation in the state of Kentucky, we at the University of Louisville were thrilled to be able to present a screening of the intelligent and engaging documentary Bringing It Home on campus. The film and its director, Linda Booker, were exactly what we needed to help our community understand the broad potential of hemp as a sustainable crop that can help not only meet our fiber and food needs, but can help heal our bodies and our soils."
Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, University of Louisville

"Looking to the future, Bringing It Home examines the many ways in which hemp could contribute to a more robust American economy, if only prevailing attitudes and laws about it changed. Could such a transformation be underway? Highly recommended especially for public library collections, Bringing It Home should be required viewing for anyone (especially politicians and lobbyists) involved in the making of agricultural laws!"
The Midwest Book Review