Bullfrog Films
58 minutes
Grades 7-12, College, Adult

Directed by Niv Fichman
Produced by Rhombus Media & National Film Board of Canada

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US Release Date: 1989
Copyright Date: 1986
DVD ISBN: 1-93777-255-1
VHS ISBN: 0-7722-0352-0

Canadian Studies
Performing Arts

Awards and Festivals
Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival
Silver Sesterce, Festival International de Cinema, Nyon
Gold Medal, Dance on Camera
Red Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival
Montreal World Film Festival
Perth International Film Festival
Blue Snake

Preparation and premiere of Robert Desrosiers' futuristic ballet.

"Recommended for those who think they don't like watching dance as well as those already enamored." Voice of Youth Advocates

Bizarre zebra-like dancers flee the life-crushing hand of giant puppets. Long-haired red monkeys spew forth from a gaping wound in the giant's forehead to perform a pulsatingly evocative dance. BLUE SNAKE, Robert Desrosiers' highly acclaimed futuristic ballet, was commissioned by the National Ballet of Canada. The film captures the tension and excitement leading up to opening night as Desrosiers works behind the scenes with designers, composer sand dancers to mount his elaborate production. The film culminates in the breathtaking world premiere performance of the ballet in its entirety.

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"Provides a rare opportunity for viewers to be present at the birth of a ballet...a highly original, acrobatic, surrealistic ballet of incredible energy and style... Highly recommended for all interested in modern dance."
Landers Film and Video Reviews

"This is one of the fastest hours viewers will spend in front of their television sets...one of those programs that all medium to large collections should have. Public libraries will find that this title will be popular with high school through adult borrowers. Viewers with an interest in dance and culture will also thank librarians for purchasing this video."
**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

"Sensitively documented in a remarkable film...Witty and revealing, the record of a fertile, sometimes frustrating encounter between National Ballet dancers rigorously schooled in classical elegance and a choreographer determined to make them learn a new, freer language of movement... The film's major delight is its intimate portrait of Desrosiers, the uncompromising artist."
Toronto Star