Bullfrog Films
13 minutes
Study Guide
Grades K-3

Produced by Daniel Zatz

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US Release Date: 1990
Copyright Date: 1990
VHS ISBN: 1-56029-036-6

Animal Behavior/Communication
Children's Films
Children's Stories: Live Action
Endangered Species
Life Science

Awards and Festivals
Emmy Award
CINE Golden Eagle
First Place, Joey Awards
Honorable Mention, American Film & Video Festival
Merit Award, Int'l Wildlife Film Festival
U.S. Environmental Film Festival
International Environmental Film Festival, Boulder

Grizzly bears, as they really are, in their natural habitat.

"Magnificent footage...a tight script and great camera work." Booklist

Stunningly photographed in Alaska, BEARS! shows the magnificent beauty of grizzly bears. We see a wild bear and her cubs rolling and playing on the grass, and then we see a huge male fishing at the river - bears in their natural habitat.

With narration by a six-year-old boy, and music by Carolyn Saso, BEARS! shows young people what being a bear is all about. Inside a museum, flanked by a huge stuffed grizzly bear, a senior storyteller recounts exciting tales of bear hunts. Now, he says, he only hunts with a camera.

BEARS! illustrates what grizzlies need to survive - from food to open space; explains their seasons of sleeping, eating and raising their cubs; and explodes some myths about these magnificent creatures.

BEARS! shows the beauty of wild animals, in hopes that children will appreciate and help protect the planet's wild places and wildlife.

Web Page: http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/bears.html

"Magnificent footage...a tight script and great camera work make this an entertainingly instructive program in the same vein as this producer's BANANA, BANANA, BANANA SLUGS!"


"Young children will gain a respect for bears...The need to protect and conserve the bear's habitat is vividly and effectively portrayed... School and public libraries should find the video a welcome addition to their animal video collections for young children."