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Yosemite and the Fate of the Earth

Threats to Yosemite's ecosystem come from outside the park.

14 minutes
Grade Level: 7-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 1993
Copyright Date: 1993
ISBN (VHS): 1-56029-524-4

Directed by John de Graaf
Produced by John de Graaf and Garrett De Bell
for Yosemite Guardian Project/ Earth Island Institute

"Nonstrident narration cautions that this popular national park faces ominous environmental threats." Booklist

Yosemite's fragile ecosystem is being threatened by outside threats: destruction of migratory birds' wintering habitats which leads to diminished songbird populations, ozone damage to trees, and the reduction of the numbers of species of frogs. As David Brower points out, the fate of Yosemite is tied to the fate of the earth.

Equinox Environmental Film Festival

"Amid impressive views of the sprawling scenic Yosemite Valley, nonstrident narration cautions that this popular national park faces ominous environmental threats."

Related Subjects:
Air Pollution
American Studies
Endangered Species
Environmental Ethics
Global Issues

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