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A Series of 13 Programs
F.R.O.G. Series I
Friends of Research and Odd Gadgets

An innovative elementary science series - kids tackle their own projects!

377 minutes
Grade Level: 2-7
US Release Date: 1992
Copyright Date: 1992
ISBN: 0-920519-97-0

Produced by Greg Rist
for the OWL Centre for Children's Film & Television

"The series is ideal... to use because of its short segments and hands-on approach." Museumedia

FRIENDS OF RESEARCH AND ODD GADGETS (F.R.O.G.) is an innovative half-hour science series from the producers of the award-winning OWL/TV.

F.R.O.G. lifts science off the textbook page into the real world to show how enjoyable and challenging science can be. Four kids tackle their own hands-on projects in a clubhouse filled with atmosphere and old junk- cast-off materials, tools, gizmos, and gadgets that provide the kids with plenty of inspiration. Inventiveness and discovering how things work clearly excite the "froggers."

In each episode the kids tackle a new problem. When the kids need help they call on "The F.R.O.G. Files"-computers with the latest technological facts. An amphibious mascot and hip, animated frog add to the fun.

Please Note:

Individual programs can be purchased separately at $49.00 or rented at $20.00 each.

The 13 individual half-hour programs are:

101: An Energy-Efficient Dog House

In an experiment in energy conservation, the Froggers build a doghouse. Special focus on insulation, efficiency, and double-paned windows.

102: Solar Energy Dog House

The Froggers try heating their doghouse with solar power. Special focus on solar collection, heat pumps, and storage batteries.

103: Underwater Worlds

The Froggers compare an aquarium and scuba diving. Special focus on how fish and humans obtain oxygen while underwater, swim bladders for buoyancy, and filtration systems.

104: City Lights

The Froggers set up a miniature toy train city. For lights, they learn how to generate electricity. Special focus on hydro, nuclear, and pedal power.

105: Robots

Comparing a chicken claw and human hand, the Froggers decide to build a robot model. Special focus on joints and hinges, industrial uses of robots, and robot gadgets.

106: The Great Electric Car Race

The Froggers build a miniature racing car that's powered by electromagnets. Special focus on polarity, constructing electromagnets, industrial uses of magnets, and linear motors in vehicles.

107: A Wet And Wild Frog Trap

From water fights to building a Rube Goldberg-type water trap, the Froggers learn about pumps, water wheels, and flush valves. Special focus on municipal water supply systems and waste treatment plants.

108: It's About Time

Froggers get stuck in a time machine. Special focus on the inner workings of clocks and on the variety of ways that time has been measured through history.

109: Dream Car

Froggers create a soapbox car. Special focus on wheels and bearings, aerodynamics, and the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines.

110: IC'S What You Sees

Froggers create a computer-animated movie. Special focus on how computers work, computers in the classroom, and computer animation.

111: Sound Advice

Froggers make a box that sees sound, an oscilloscope. Special focus on pipe organs, synthesizers, electronic signals, and sound vibrations.

112: SFX And The Movies

Froggers make their own scary movie with special effects. Special focus on special effects studios, lighting techniques, and makeup.

113: Television

The Froggers create their own Public Service Announcement. Special focus on filming commercials, community television, and how TV cameras work.

New England Children's Film & Video Festival
Chicago International Festival of Children's Films

"The series is ideal for science and natural history museums to use because of its short segments and hands-on approach."

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